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  1. Z owner here, after ~2 years, my mousewheel started scrolling at variable speeds, often registering a short scroll up when I start to scroll down and I'm definitely not starting to scroll up with my finger when I'm scrolling down. I'd open it up and see there is something clogging up the sensor, but i remember seeing a video of somebody disassembling it and it's probably a pain to do so.
  2. 3 years after the KS, still no support for stylus pressure emulation (hooking into Windows Ink / Wintab APIs). Not sure why I got this and recently also the Tracpoint. :(
  3. Fellow Necromancer! A Blender profile would be appreciated.
  4. Looks like this helps against the issue of the hand wanting to turn inwards as the mouse seems to always turn itself this way in my grip (uncomfortably so)
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