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  1. Morning, thank you for your response. This is my current set up now, I've tried following the advice where you go into your diagnostic settings and input the code for a permanent output action but that didn't work either. Edit: my mapping IS currently showing Axis 2 output on the link provided. Edit 2: I don't believe it, it's working now. I can't believe that I woke up this morning and did it once and it finally bloody worked. I've spent almost 3 days trying to resolve this issue. Thanks for your help guys regardless hahaha.
  2. Good afternoon, I've been trying to play IL-2 Sturmovik BoS and while my pitch and roll work perfectly fine, my yaw is not registering. I've tried everything that this site recommends, from biding a key and turning on analog pivot controls but so far the game or the mouse hasn't even attempted to register my yaw. I'm fresh out of ideas on how to get the pivot to work, I believe the function in my mouse is actually broken.
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