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  1. Yep I guess your both right. But I’ll still keep hoping
  2. Will there be a wireless Z and what will be the price as I am thinking of getting it
  3. Wait, what’s expert mode on the z? I’m really confused
  4. Since previous profiles can be imported does that include vibration and oled screen configurations Also when a beta comes out will I be able to test it?
  5. That would be really cool I hope swiftspoint does that
  6. Will my previous z profiles work with the new software as I spent a very long time programing them.
  7. What kind of mod would you want to make?
  8. Could you show me a screen shot of it so I can understand
  9. I have tried to make an autoclicker on the swiftpoint z but it only goes up to 26 cps. Does anyone know if you can make the cps higher?
  10. I think the Swiftpoint Z already has enough buttons
  11. That sounds cool. I would definitely like to try it out on a 3D printer
  12. there is this one video but you only see what the products look like and not the features and it's in another language: http://zol.iqiyi.com.cn/video235343.html
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