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  1. Since previous profiles can be imported does that include vibration and oled screen configurations
  2. That would be really cool I hope swiftspoint does that
  3. Will my previous z profiles work with the new software as I spent a very long time programing them.
  4. What kind of mod would you want to make?
  5. Could you show me a screen shot of it so I can understand
  6. I have tried to make an autoclicker on the swiftpoint z but it only goes up to 26 cps. Does anyone know if you can make the cps higher?
  7. I think the Swiftpoint Z already has enough buttons
  8. That sounds cool. I would definitely like to try it out on a 3D printer
  9. there is this one video but you only see what the products look like and not the features and it's in another language: http://zol.iqiyi.com.cn/video235343.html
  10. 1 more final idea that I have that may not be completely possible would be a joystick extension to swap with the two thumb buttons. I'm not sure how this is even useful but I would buy it if it was a real thing.
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    This is your basic number pad for exel and other graphing apps Features Number: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 Ability to move around the graph: Tab, Shift Tab, Down Arrow, Up Arrow Delete: Backspace Move through apps: Alt Tab 80% click on middle click will change your profile to use this you must change the thing to which profile you want to change to. You can make whatever changes you like on this file as I spent like 10 minutes working on it.
  12. To switch profiles you must lift your mouse up and then press the top edge button. This will switch profiles but I find it easier if you use a specific button on the mouse to do it. With my profile I use 80% click on my middle button to switch profiles. Find this easier. Another function is if you lift the mouse and use the scroll wheel you can change your DPI.
  13. Yes, there is going to be a new professional line up of Z's. Don't bother trying to look it up as there is no information on it.
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