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  1. Thanks for reply. I tried what you suggested and even cleared the pre-mapped profiles but it's still not working. What does work is if I map Shift-1 to the button and then use that as the keybind on the spell, but i would really just like to have the buttons act as separate mouse buttons. Anything else I could be missing?
  2. Hi there, I apologise for the very basic question since most of the questions here seem extremely advanced. I just got the Z to replace my old loyal mouse that was on it's last legs but i'm struggling with what seems to be a completely basic function. I play Warcraft and just want to bind each button to a spell on my action bar. Top and Bottom thumbs come already built in the Swiftpoint Driver software so it was very easy to just map the two actions I wanted onto them, but when I try and assign the others, nothing registers. I just want to click the Front Edge for example and I want it to register in game as a click of that mousebutton. I could do it easily on my previous mice. Here is a screen shot of what i attempted for the Front and Rear Edge buttons: https://imgur.com/a/wkB7L3Z I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong and would greatly appreciate the help. Thank you!
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