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  1. Version 1.0.0


    ##########DISCLAIMER, IGNORE MY PREVIOUS UPLOAD, I FORGOT TO INCLUDE MY KEYBINDS MAKING THIS CONFUSING.########### E: Edit F: Use 6: Shotgun 3: SMG 1: Sniper/Minigun/Explosive/Ultility 2: Heals Numpad + : Wall Numpad - : Ramp Numpad 0 INS : Use Numpad * : Edit/Reset Edit. You may rebind these however you choose, I'm just showing which functions I assigned to my mouse keys. 3rd times a charm, sorry took me 3 uploads not to mess this up and I'll include a picture this time just in case I missed anything. Keybinds created by a semi competitive player. Fixed a bug that would make doing 90's difficult using the thumb keys. Added a quickscope function to instantly snipe your enemies. Recommend using the Fingertip Button Cap on your right Fingertip button, with the square 'knob' facing away from the logo. Figured out that the Swiftpoint Z allows very easy and intuitive double edits, something the best of the best rarely use, and you can either use it standalone as a mouse edit key, or with the typical keyboard edit for double editing. (Always start off your edits with the keyboard edit key, click, and 'roll' your finger onto the Fingertip Button, this 'rolling' of your fingers makes editing easier than 'pressing'. Use your Fingertip Cap on the left Fingertip Button with the square 'knob' facing towards the Logo. I use these settings with a Keypad, but could easily work with a keyboard. There are 3 unused keys, 2 of them are merely 'pull' functions on the trigger buttons, but there's an unused 'edge' button which you will like want to assign a key to if you're a keyboard user. I shouldn't even be uploading this, I thought about keeping it a secret a long with my other competitive secrets, but since nobody has uploaded anything for Fortnite yet (Oh wait they did, I was just up all night and didn't notice!), I felt altruistic... Enjoy!
  2. Okay, I fixed the bug with the 90's (I think), I added a second release press, so I use the thumb keys to build a floor and ramp, when you add the keystroke it will have a release press under it, but you need to add a second release function to the first press action.
  3. After using this mouse, I've come to the realization that finger presses are incredibly weak in FPS games, since you either have to remove your index finger or heavily tax it with two extra buttons (Fingertip + Trigger), the index finger is the most important finger in FPS games since it controls the left click giving you the ultimatum on whether to shoot or not, whereas the thumb seems to be the most versatile finger to use with a mouse in FPS games, but the Swiftpoint has under invested in it and instead focuses on finger buttons. I can tell even over taxing your right finger pulls at the muscles on your left. It also seems plausible your brain separates your thumb more so than your other fingers, leading to less confusion during multitasking scenarios. So basically if you guys ever make a new mouse with more buttons, maybe give the thumb more love. It's also missing another pleasant thumb button compared to the g502, which is the DPI-shift with the little target symbol, that DPI-shift key fits perfectly and for most people without long thumbs it sits out of reach which may have been intended so as not to over-complicate users, but I wish it had been closer to the palm. So if this sounds confusing, I'm basically saying, I think thumb buttons are more important than finger buttons in FPS. I wish it had at least 4 thumb buttons instead of two, I also mentioned earlier in another thread how uncomfortable the SwiftPointZ's thumb buttons are.
  4. Bind it to a keyboard key, then add that keyboard input onto your mouse. Example, """"""""" / """"""""" key could be a spell, and then you go into the driver software and add """""""" / """""""""" to the mouse button of your choosing.
  5. Okay, so, I've been playing Fortnite somewhat competitively, and have been doing the build maneuver known as 90s, first of all if you look at the thumb buttons on the G502 they are perfect for doing 90s, and only a thumb or non-dominant hand can be used to build your floor, ramp, wall. First I will say because this is a jack of all trades mouse, so the thumb buttons are very difficult to use for FPS because I think they were designed with flying games in mind. But my main issue actually is the fact if I release the bottom thumb button and immediately press the top thumb button, the bottom thumb button won't switch to the top even though I am holding the top thumb button down and have released the bottom thumb press, it may be because I simultaneous pressed both buttons at the same time at one point. Perhaps this could be fixed with a button repeat function like the Logitech g502 has (which you can time down to the milliseconds), since it would refresh the press periodically to what you are currently holding down. I also would very value a key repeat function to be added in the next software update, it's the closest thing you can get to a macro which is banned in most competitive games. If you could add a repeat while pressed option like the g502 it would fix a lot of the flaws I have with this mouse. Edit: I just checked, Bugha, the world's best Fortnite player does "90s" the same way I'm describing and so would be unable to use this mouse, so I'd say 90% of Fortnite players couldn't use this mouse with both how difficult it is to press the the thumb buttons and the fact it gets "stuck" and won't switch over to the new keypress. This is a remarkable mouse but Occam's Razor may be its defeat.
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