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  1. I dunno. It could simply be inertia. Everyone automatically thinks of Logitech, Razer, (name popular brand name here), for gaming mice. Swiftpoint has a steep hill to climb despite its mouse having outrageous advantages over other mice. Them showcasing the deep click functions right on the Tracer campaign page should help a ton. It’s simple to understand. I click light, mouse does one thing. I click deeper, holy sh#$t, it does something more?!?What magic is this?!? Kids will grok that. Some adults too.
  2. Thanks, dude! At least this time, I didn't miss out on the campaign.
  3. Hey @Bryce, Didn’t get an email. Checked my junk mail and nada. Is it because I’m only registered to the community forum? Only found out about the Indigogo from a fellow owner. Anyway, supported the Indigogo. Got another Z. Can’t wait to try out the new software!
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