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  1. I have two monitors with the following characteristics: 27" 1920x1080 On the left, in purple, the monitor is vertical. On the right, in green, the monitor is horizontal. I noticed I can't resize the SwiftpointZ Control panel to fit on vertical screen. Actually, you can barely resize it. Would sure be cool if I could resize that window. I understand that having a vertical monitor is not very common setup, but regardless... being able to resize the window into a smaller size would be a nice addition to the program. Maybe the mouse image should resize ? or maybe some U
  2. For whatever reason the discord key bindings where not working in-game (Escape From Tarkov). Nevertheless, your suggest was right on the money and it works like a charm! Honestly, I have never seen anyone like you on any forum. You are quick, efficient, and extremely knowledgeable. THANK YOU!
  3. Hi, Just wondering if it's possible to send keypresses to a specific window for example: Discord. I want to be able to send CTRL+SHIFT+D so I can deafen my discord when needed. I've seen other apps that can do it (voiceattack) and it does not lose focus from the game.
  4. This might be what I'm looking for. @CodeBerry / @Dragonfail can you guys test it on a game like: No man's sky / Elite Dangerous / Star Citizen. I wonder if this setup could replace a HOTAS / HOSAS. The extra analog stick + 4 way hat might be just what the Z needs. On another note... how's your experience so far? How customizable is the Azeron? For example, does the Azeron allow you to customize keypress / key release? How about macros (apparently it doesn't)? I can't find a single video on youtube with this amazing combination. Would be real nice if you guys uploaded a video ab
  5. No regrets. The best mouse I've owned so far. An advice? Don't try to bind everything to the mouse. You could... but you need to keep your index finger on the trigger, so there are limits. I did try the tilting functionality (Q|E), but I haven't used it for real. It was more like a test drive to see if it worked. If you play on US-East coast add me on discord (UNTAG#0327) or steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/UNTAGATNU/)
  6. a fully programable split ergonomic mechanical keyboard 🤑
  7. I read this entire thread and I don't understand where you are coming from. Can you share your profile(s)?
  8. @Bryce Thanks for sharing. It helped me fix my spam function. If I hold my Left Mouse Button (LMB) it will spam flawlessly, but I noticed that if I quickly tapped my LMB it would do a regular tap. Is this intended? Don't worry about that. It works fine, I just didn't expect it. After trying it out for a while it's very useful just the way it is.
  9. Hey! Thanks for listening to the community and keeping us toghether! ❤️ I just found this tiny bug: These are my settings (0.040 seconds) but this is how it gets displayed: Tiny bug. Also some feedback on the new tilt icons. The new ones: Versus a suggestion (using the old icons): Having it called roll, pitch, and yaw is increadibly useful specially because the joystick functionality is heavily advertised. Using 3 words for 3 different movements really helps! Specially foreigners and people who are not fluent in the language. The
  10. Great profile! I don't understand why you had to set up 1 profile and 2 sub profiles. Can you elaborate? Or is it as simple as to not be annoyed by the sub profiles extra functionality during out-of-match user interface handling?
  11. I guess all the promo got to me: Yeah, I understand it now.. but when I first wrote this post it made no sense. Mmmmmm.... gotcha. Nevertheless, pitch & roll are commonly accepted & distinctive terms for specific actions that the mouse can perform. It simplifies things. Calling them both 'tilt' generates confusion... hence this post. Also remember 'english' is not the main language for the entire world so when someone googles 'tilt meaning' it's not really descriptive. In contrast, if they can google 'pitch meaning' and 'roll meaning' they will easily find
  12. I understand it would be difficult to reset to 0°, but at least they could make it relative with some sort of threshold setting. If Y varies above the threshold then do the action. Looks like what I'm looking for is called 6° of freedom. Apparently, it's not a thing anywhere. Except for this prototype: Maybe this dev team here would want to try to make some sort of attachment / contraption... something similar to this (video) perhaps?... idk. But at least I know I'm right in the rest. Having a distinct word for each movement type REALLY helps. Specially when the game
  13. The OLED screen is the only place that has the proper naming conventions (Roll|Pitch|Yaw), but the mouse it self cannot be configured to use YAW. 🤔😒 If anyone knows how to configure the Yaw on this mouse, please.... let me know.
  14. PITCH, ROLL, and YAW. That's it. That's all I want. That's all I need. Right now roll and pitch are called tilt. This is extremely confusing and frustrating, specially when you are playing any sort of flying game. After HOURS I finally found the 'yaw' capability... or maybe I didn't?!? I don't know. It's extremely confusing the way the UI is set up. So where is 'YAW'? OPTION 1: You take a button, add an input and then change that input to be an analog pivot. facepalm. again... pivot... not yaw... OPTION 2: Even worst.... I found the 'yaw' as a repla
  15. Version 1.0.1


    Elite Dangerous. Take full advantage of your mouse.
  16. Hi, I'm a gamer since mario.exe on a 55hz msDOS machine. Played HC / Competitive FPS / aRPG's. I recently purchased a SwiftpointZ mouse and I could not be happier with my purchase. I do have some feedback considering your new mouse. As the title implies, I will be talking about two things: 1) keeping the community together and 2) some feedback on the profile sharing. You need to keep the Pro-Gaming mouse users together. By that I mean have the same user interface for both SwiftpointZ and Swiftpoint Tracer. Notice what I did there? Yeah. It keeps the new and old users happy. The old o
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