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  1. I don't use my middle mouse button (scroll wheel button) often.... until I started playing Apex Legends after work. It is the default tag button. Yesterday, the middle button suddenly got "mushy". I have to press harder to get it to register. Sometimes no registration at all. I am using all my buttons for other things... *sigh* so I am considering where to move my ping to. Well, I do have more buttons, but the top lifts are a bit odd. It is also hard to use those top triggers in the heat the the battle. I'll look into cleaning the switch.
  2. @Xiaofei I've been using the Z for a couple years without a single problem. I will agree that the scroll wheel, compared to my travel mouse, the Logitech MX Master 3, is weak. The MX has an amazing scroll wheel. But, I've never had any issue with it not working or the middle button clicking just fine. In actual gaming, I rarely use the middle mouse button though. In general, clicking a wheel isn't a great experience on any mouse. So that quickly becomes one of the last buttons I want to bind to anything. Some mice I've used in the past had rocker button (push the scroll to the side
  3. Congrats on the new mouse. I seriously don't know why any serious computer user (gamer or productivity) doesn't own a Swiftpoint. Best mouse, hands down.
  4. Looks like a slimed down version, the "Tracer" https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/tracer-premium-gaming-mouse-play-different Pretty nice. Love my Z and I'm constantly telling everyone around me about it. Amazon has them close to $100 today, they go up and down. If there is a new "Pro" version coming out that adds to the Z, I'll be buying it. I've never liked a mouse better.
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