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  1. Unfortunately the article I bought is no longer available, but this looks very similar (although it is slightly larger and cheaper): https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000528627316.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.6c71628czMpC55&algo_pvid=391997b1-a095-4d88-ba8d-b0c9c2e9049b&algo_expid=391997b1-a095-4d88-ba8d-b0c9c2e9049b-0&btsid=0bb0624416022442833712930e914d&ws_ab_test=searchweb0_0,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_ It is the same store where I bought mine. Here is how mine looks like (it is very ugly, but works, perhaps I'll spend more than 2min to make it better when I am less busy 🙂 ) There is a transparent plastic film on top of the teflon, you remove it when you stick it to the mouse.
  2. Hi, Thanks for your answers Zeanon and Bryce! I decided not to tinker with the wheel, I got used to it, not a big problem anymore. Also I don't want to break my most expensive mouse yet Scrolling with gestures is probably nice in theory, but not all software has good support. For example in Visual Studio, where I spend most of my time, the gestures do not work well (for me). It is the same for Edge (Chromium) and Chrome - the first gesture usually does not work and I need to repeat it a few times before it starts working. The mouse "feet" continued to bother me, the original plastic is ok, I guess, but the mouse does not feel very precise. For example, it is difficult to select parts of very small text quickly. Fortunately the Teflon tape that I ordered from Aliexpress finally arrived and I am very happy - the mouse glides much better on it than on the regular plastic. It is like a normal mouse now! Definitely something to put in your backlog for future updates if you ask me Side note - this link to this forum disappeared from the main site. Best regards, Valeri
  3. Hi, I bought the ProPoint a few weeks ago and I now I am a happy user I used to use a vertical mouse before (Anker) and I liked it a lot, but at some point I decided that it is too big, so I started looking at Kinesis DXT, but I was turned off by the user feedback about the paint and the battery life. I accidentally found a review of a Swiftpoint mouse and I like the ideas behind a lot, so I bought it. After a few weeks of almost daily use, here is my feedback: - You should invest more into popularizing your products. They are very good, but difficult to find by the regular user (I stumbled upon Swiftpoint after reading A LOT of articles). - Marketing the mouse as a travel mouse and not ergonomic mouse is a mistake in my opinion, but I guess you know your target audience better than me - The scroll wheel is a bit hard to rotate. My Anker and Microsoft Sculpt Ergonomic mice have better feeling. - The second and third buttons are a bit hard to press. I guess that's intentional, but still I would prefer softer buttons. The "left" button is ok. - The mouse "feet" are not slippery. This is the largest drawback of the mouse for me. - The gestures are a nice idea, but don't work very well for me... I am either doing it wrong, or it is just a gimmick. So, my questions: - Can I make the mouse wheel easier to rotate? I guess the answer is "no", having in mind that the mouse cannot be disassembled, but it does not hurt asking. - Do you have recommendations for replacement/additional mouse feet? I found many variants of sticky teflon tape on Aliexpress, I guess I need to order specific thickness, but I cannot tell how high are the existing "feet". I am planning to stick the teflon on top of the label, in the middle of the mouse. Hopefully the teflon will be slightly thicker than the current "feet" and the mouse will glide on it instead. Kind regards, Valeri
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