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  1. And I want to report a bug here On 'macOS 10.15.6', while using ProPoint (and/or Swiftpoint Control Panel), the system's volume will automatically turn up time by time, same experience on iMac 27 or Macbook Pro 15.
  2. Based on my experience on `macOS 10.15.6` The things I love: One more button to make it more flexible/powerful/configurable. Control Panel served as a more convenient way to manage the configurations. And I like the `Health` feature. The things I'd love to see improvement: Please consider to give more tweaking to the mouse sensitivity to ProPoint. I tried both `Accelerate` and `Not Accelerate` modes for extended of time; it's not working as well as the SwiftPoint GT regards to mouse tracking. It's either too floating or too slow, not as smooth as SwiftPoint GT
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