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  1. Version 1.0.0


    This is the Second Profile I will be Sharing! Today it's POLYGON! A Free-To-Play game that looks like it has a bright Future. So why not make a Profile for it! Features: Tilt Controls: - Added Tilting for "Q" and "E" Controls (This has Haptic's to know when Pressed) Trigger Controls: - Pressing Left Trigger Will throw Grenades - Pulling Right Trigger will Reset Tilt Angles Scroll Wheel: - Scrolling Up will Change to Primary - Scrolling Down will Change to Secondary Edge Buttons: - Front Edge Button will Open All Chat -Rear Edge bu
  2. I've been wanting a War Thunder Profile for Planes that would include tilting forward/backward with the flightstick thing. Just full plane control with the mouse if possible. If this isn't a thing then can someone show me how to make it? Also As a suggestion: Can someone make a dedicated War Thunder Profile?
  3. Hey I Was looking for a Profile that used the Flight Stick Controls for the Swiftpoint Z. Does this do that aswell?
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is my First Profile to share here and almost finish! If you have any Ideas on how to improve it feel free to say it in your review! ------------------------------------------------------------ What it includes- Tilting: Tilting is set too "K" Lean Left and "L" Lean Right ( Please change your Lean in-game to Left (K) and Right (L). This is to stop "Q" and "E" use with Mouse) Vibration is set too "100%" so you know when you've tilted ( 0.03 Duration ) Edge Buttons: When pressing The "Rear Edge" Button it'll open camera ( "5" Key ) and will Vibrate Fingertip Buttons: Switches Cam
  5. Before i get the mouse i was wanting to check if the buttons on the mouse detect as mouse buttons. For the mouse i have now if i go into Minecraft and assign a key i can assign anything to either mouse button. Will this work the same? Or do i have to have it as a shortcut for another key?
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