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    This is the Second Profile I will be Sharing! Today it's POLYGON! A Free-To-Play game that looks like it has a bright Future. So why not make a Profile for it! Features: Tilt Controls: - Added Tilting for "Q" and "E" Controls (This has Haptic's to know when Pressed) Trigger Controls: - Pressing Left Trigger Will throw Grenades - Pulling Right Trigger will Reset Tilt Angles Scroll Wheel: - Scrolling Up will Change to Primary - Scrolling Down will Change to Secondary Edge Buttons: - Front Edge Button will Open All Chat -Rear Edge bu
  2. I've been wanting a War Thunder Profile for Planes that would include tilting forward/backward with the flightstick thing. Just full plane control with the mouse if possible. If this isn't a thing then can someone show me how to make it? Also As a suggestion: Can someone make a dedicated War Thunder Profile?
  3. Hey I Was looking for a Profile that used the Flight Stick Controls for the Swiftpoint Z. Does this do that aswell?
  4. Version 1.0.0

    1 download

    This is my First Profile to share here and almost finish! If you have any Ideas on how to improve it feel free to say it in your review! ------------------------------------------------------------ What it includes- Tilting: Tilting is set too "K" Lean Left and "L" Lean Right ( Please change your Lean in-game to Left (K) and Right (L). This is to stop "Q" and "E" use with Mouse) Vibration is set too "100%" so you know when you've tilted ( 0.03 Duration ) Edge Buttons: When pressing The "Rear Edge" Button it'll open camera ( "5" Key ) and will Vibrate Fingertip Buttons: Switches Cam
  5. Before i get the mouse i was wanting to check if the buttons on the mouse detect as mouse buttons. For the mouse i have now if i go into Minecraft and assign a key i can assign anything to either mouse button. Will this work the same? Or do i have to have it as a shortcut for another key?
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