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  1. Why do proprietary stuff when the analog stick has fundamentally unchanged since 2006? I also specifically said I don't believe Razer's crappy marketing, and I know the difference between multi-hat buttons and an actual analog control.
  2. With the general thumb area, Swiftpoint could go one of two ways: Utilize the real estate in that area for more buttons, similar to the MMO 7 mouse with distinct buttons for a variety of games (maybe make a true MMO mouse like the MMO TE by MadCatz, more 12 buttons in a grid formation). or incorporate an analog stick under the two buttons on that side. I find my thumb resting on nothing, and I'd rather have firm buttons that don't misclick too easily (side buttons are fine, trigger buttons could do with stiffening a tiny bit). Looking at the MMO 7 button layout, exchanging the center 5d butt
  3. You seriously think that nothing connected through USB is analog? What about wired controllers? an 8-way binary movement apparatus is inherently inferior to an actual analog stick a la xbox or ps3. Razer has only ever done the hats and not an actual stick, unlike the G13 logitech made a while ago. I am baffled by your "nothing is analog through USB" claim.
  4. All razer options are not analog no matter their marketing. Something like an Azeron would work well in tandem, probably as a left-handed setup. Another thing I personally don't like about this mouse is the pinky wing. The way I hold my mice is usually clawing with my pinky, and with that wing it's very anti-ergonomic for me.
  5. I have been a 7-year user of a MadCatz MMO 7, and I still stand by it's button layout for the thumb as the most comfortable and distinct by feel that I've ever used. I made a thread posting the two main points I want to see this company take careful consideration into with regards to the future of this mouse, one of them being XInput.
  6. *Please keep in mind that these are my opinions, and I only wish for future success of this company's innovation* I am a picky person when it comes to gaming mice. I have been using an MMO 7 MadCatz for around 6-7 years now, but was unsatisfied with their future products' button layouts compared to mine. Logitech & Razer would seem to come out with the same tired models and designs every year with no innovation, and I never thought of them as good or innovative mice worthy of daily use. Then I see the Swiftpoint Z. I am awestruck. The tilt and pressure sensors within the mo
  7. I'm hoping that XInput support will be pushed up the ladder, as many games do support only XInput. That being said, this mouse already has insane potential
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