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  1. This has come up on enough games for it to be an irritating problem for me - mainly because it happens infrequently enough that I forget this is a problem and spend far too long troubleshooting it. I never use this thing as a game controller, yet it stays at the top of the list of game controllers connected to the system. The problem being, some poorly coded games - usually console ports - only accept input from the first controller on the list. The list is shown inside of the Game Controllers control panel(joy.cpl) and uses some odd system that's difficult to manipulate. In fact, I only know of one way. Physically remove the device from the machine to remove it from the list. In practice, this means I have to unplug the mouse before I start Sekiro for example in order to use a gamepad. This sucks. Sekiro isn't completely horrible(in spite of lacking ultrawide support and being locked at 60fps) and this means I can plug the mouse back in once it starts as it latches onto whatever was #1 when it initializes. More recently however, Genshin Impact will just freeze when I plug the mouse back in. This isn't your fault at all. But please fix it because bad console ports aren't going anywhere. Give me the option to not have Swiftpoint Z show up as a game controller. Please. I have cherished this mouse for over two years now and have never used it as a controller. This feature on this gaming mouse is only a hindrance to my enjoyment of games.
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