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  1. Hi @Dragonfail, happy you solved 👍 I own an Orbweaver too, so if you buy the Azeron I will be extremely interested in your impressions.
  2. Hi @Dragonfail, these config settings have solved your conflicts?
  3. This is the link to my fingertip button model, i hope it can be useful. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4501600 I could try to model the body too, but it's a more difficult task. I was hoping I could get some files with the original shapes, I ask the staff if it is possible.
  4. I recently learned about Azeron and I am considering buying it, so I am very interested in this topic. First of all, are the two devices connected directly to the PC on individual slots or are they connected to some sort of USB HUB? You could also check in the Windows device manager if there is any driver conflict. Moreover, to determine if the cause of the problem lies in a particular configuration of your PC or it is a real incompatibility between the two devices, do you have a way to try the couple Z - Azeron with a game on another PC?
  5. I find the fingertip keys awsome. I prefer the bigger ones, but i find them a little too long for my claw grip. So I designed a shorter version for 3D printing, which fits at best for my hand. I can share it on this forum if anyone is interested. At the same time, I ask if it is possible to have a 3D model of the body, I would like to try to print a lighter version honeycomb textured.
  6. Hi @Bryce in fact I have no need to hold down the button, since it is meant for a tap command, so I think this solution is perfect. Many thanks
  7. Hi all, in my Overwatch profile, i configured a command like this: "E" key for launch the power, 8 seconds due to power cooldown, vibration at the end to notify that power is available again. Quite simple until here. The problem is that, during the wait time, E key can no longer be cast. I am forced to wait for the end of the 8 seconds to be able to cast it again. I'm wondering if there is a way to execute the macro just as it is now, but at the same time launch the E key every time you press the mouse button. Something like this: E key; if (there is no wait loop running) { wait 8 seconds; vibration; } Thanks for any help.
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