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  1. Nothing major, just unnecessary "E Rlease" keybind in place. I would suggest to move "G Release" command to "Right Fingertip Release" and just delete "G Release" from "Right Fingertip Press". But if it works, don't fix it. Alternatively, if you're going to leave "Right Fingertip Press" button as is, you may as well just change "G Press" to "G Tap" and remove "G Release" to make it neat, coz its the same thing with one less keybind, unless someone corrects me. (Forgive me for pointing this out. Ive become a neat freak creating Z profiles to the point i get rid of unnecessary keybinds/macros to save on mouse memory space so I can have more profiles on my Z mouse for other games I play.)
  2. I welcome this profile variation. Well done! You may want to re-check on "Right Fingertip" button configuration in this version 2.5.
  3. Hope this explains & helps. Source: https://support.swiftpoint.com/portal/en/kb/articles/profiles-sub-profiles In summary, to save on mouse memory.
  4. Version 1.0.1


    This is my first time to share a Z gaming profile. I've been using this profile for over two months, so alot of testing was put into it, and I have been rewarded with alot of success in game for it. Idea behind this Profile: The principle of this profile is so that both hands focus on two areas, Movements & Action keys. Hopefully creating fluid combinations of movement and actions (e.g. Moving side to side while opening a drop crate or activating objects): Left hand focus on movement/crouch/slide/jump. Right hand focus on aiming/shooting/interactions and using items. Features: Two sub-profiles exist (tap"Rear Edge" button to cycle between parent profile and sub-profiles): Rapid LeftClick sub-profile (great for knifing enemies, semi-auto weapons, or to make Burst weapons full-automatic) Rapid Left+Right sub-profile (great for akimbo loadouts) All buttons are labelled on the OLED screen, so you know what you're pressing on the get go. "Zoom-in, Deep-Click and Hold-breath" on the Right-Click is used. Other Notes: "E" is set for "Lethal Equipment" (Default uses "G") "Mouse Button 5" is used to mount your weapon on objects. (Default uses "Mouse Button 4") Enjoy! P.S For the guys at Swiftpoint, appreciate this mouse big time. I bought 2 of these as well for 2 other mates and over two years later me and my mates are still using this mouse for gaming.
  5. Hi Guys, I've moved this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare/Warzone profile here: Enjoy!
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