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  1. Are we going to get another update or is this basically what we have to work with? it's been way to long since an update and the mouse is still being priced £170+ wtf?
  2. Old post that was ignored but a Massive feature for any gaming software, Is this forum dead or has it been added so the software???
  3. Hey everyone, bought this mouse in march 2018 but returned it but now with the price drop i'm tempted to buy it again. I use the G502 and use every button on the mouse and the logitech software makes that very easy to bind any keys with a simple drag and drop. Has this software changed much? can you rename a bind? Can you drag and drop keys onto the buttons? In the logitech software i could bind G to a side button and rename it to grenade but last time i used this software i couldn't rename any binds, as you can see from the picture how i setup my keys for Apex Legends
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