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  1. Thanks for the workaround. I'll definitely give it a try tomorrow. I've just signed up for the help desk account. Interesting that it doesn't just use the same account as here.
  2. Using the newly released driver (the one that's coming out with the Tracer), the Z won't allow me to assign Scroll Up to a button press and Scroll Down the release; it's automatically changed to Left Click. Was unable to report this as an issue so I figured I can post it here instead. Is there any way to fix this? In the meantime, I've re-installed the old firmware using the original driver where it's working perfectly fine.
  3. I wouldn't recommend this method because wrapping the cable like that will lead to earlier death of the cable. A typical mouse bungie or doing something to create a similar effect as well as wrapping the cable using over-under method is better imo. For instance, my desk has a partial desk that pivots under the right side on a small pole that becomes 2 stationary right feet of the desk; my mouse is on the the pivoting part since it's about the same height as the keyboard. The cube doesn't work that well, nor does a bungie, because the right edge of the desk sticks out over the pivoting part, so
  4. Just got Fortnite recently so I'm still learning the game, but this profile seems very intuitive. It's been working really well. Getting to Slots 1 or 6 just involves scrolling up or down a notch after pressing left trigger or pulling right trigger. Thanks for this!
  5. Version 2.1


    To me, having left hand only control movement and push-to-talk while the right hand does aiming, shooting, abilities, etc. seems more natural. This profile is developed to achieve this as best as possible. I generally play at 700 DPI * 5 In-Game Sensitivity. The mouse sensor is natively 1000 DPI so I don't go much higher (my second DPI is 1200). I also have specific aim reticles for the characters I play (or want to improve on) FYI. Even though I typically play Moira or Mercy, I always try to play other heroes whenever I can and most of my testing for mouse map and aim reticle is don
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