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  1. holy! dude you didn't have to embarrass me like that. i know this is ancient now, but i wanted to screw around with the z programming again and tried your profile out. you can literally almost play the game with a mouse. haha seriously though, i thought mine was complex to memorize... you really did a good job making it feel intuitive. i'd like to see what other stuff you've done with the z elsewhere?
  2. i've totally abandoned this profile for one that's quite a bit more simple and better in my opinion. i'll post the revision after i clean it up a bit and try to make it play nicer with the default key binds it would be nice to come up with something like the bindED plugin for elite dangerous, which assigns a unique alias to each of the controls that a key can be bound to, then reads the user's local key mapping file from the game's config and replaces the alias with the corresponding inputs. not that i have a very good idea of how to do that with respect to way these profiles are written. it would be great to be able to swap profiles without having to synchronize all of our in game keybinds in order for the profile to work. they really aren't easy to share at all. that's pretty typical with this sort of thing, but i really love the way the elite dangerous community took it upon themselves and just went nuts on creating stuff to streamline the user experience. maybe if we could get the devs to donate a couple z's, we could steal some of that modding community because they were on point.
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    i'm just reposting this, as i first posted it to the forums like a stupid dummy might've done. there's a slightly more elaborate explanation there, but it's probably not needed.
  4. here's a pretty nice profile i made for pubg i made it using the default keybinds found in the game, so substitute your own if you have customized the layout i also included a few screenshots with annotations to help clarify what parts are performing given functions for anybody who may have trouble understanding the profile visually hopefully i wasn't too vague and some of you find this helpful. it would really be nice if the developers would update the configurator with some more ways to make use of the analog values from the gyroscope and other sensors. i can do a lot with this, and it's very powerful but i have had a few problems setting this device up for use with advanced flight controls and racing sims because of the limitations on things like the yaw rotation or z-axis. anyway, enjoy if you find this to your liking. p.s. i have more complex scripts designed for things like the grenade auto-throw when the cook timer is up & optional underhand toss via pressure sensetivity, but some are harder to train yourself with and end up really confusing you if you're not fully aware of them but i kept this pretty simple to avoid freaking people out. let me know if you have any suggestions or criticism; i like coming up with creative ways to use this device and i'd love to learn some that i haven't thought of.
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