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  1. Hi everyone, Have you a date for fix it ? Or must waiting for microsoft for fix it ? Thanks
  2. Thanks Bryce, i download and try it. PS : ( sorry for my bad english, i'm a french speaker )
  3. thanks for response Bryce. I have find for my configuration. Waiting for a next update with a AZERTY keyboard . This mouse was fantastic, and have a lot of possibilities ! good job . Continue to update it .
  4. ok, i have found my problem!!! when you choose a letter, it's for a qwerty keyboard!!! if i choose the "w" letter in Z config, it's the "z" letter on my azerty keyboard !! please fix it in future update
  5. Hi everyone, I search a profile to import in my Z mouse for PUBG . I play with a AZERTY keyboard Anyone have it ? Thanks for the help.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm just received my Z mouse this day. I have a AZERTY european keyboard. When you assign an output and you choose a letter from keyboard, is it for AZERTY or QWERTY keyboard? I try to configure my mouse for play PUBG but they not functioning with some letters. Thanks for help
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