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  1. Nevermind, it does indicate joystick buttons being pressed. However the Axis do not move no matter what I try. This is under Swiftpoint Z, on the Virtual Xinput Device the buttons do not light up (which i think is correct). Any reason it cannot detect axes?
  2. Hi sorry for the late reply. The windows controller properties screen does not indicate any of the buttons are being pressed both for Swiftpoint Z and Virtual XInput. Nor the joystiq motions
  3. Disconnecting the other device does not have any effect. And The buttons do work in Elite but none of the joystick motions do.
  4. The mouse is advertised to work on Elite Dangerous as a joystick but I've done everything and it does not work. Does anyone know how I can use the mouse as a joystick in this game? Also, this doesn't register at all on Windows 10. Is that supposed to happen? (Moving the mouse does not move the crosshairs)
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