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  1. Hey Bryce, Thanks for the update we look forward to it. To you and the SWIFTPOINT team stay safe in these challenging times. Cheers. J
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hi everyone Here is my first PUBG gaming profile, it's a serviceable starting point. Kind regards John
  3. Hi Doublehooksta, Thanks for confirming this issue I thought I was going a little mad at first. I've been tweaking my PUBG profile for since receiving my Swiftpoint Z I'll upload it if you want to give a try to see if it helps with this issue. The number of instances of the stuck leaning issue seems to be reduced after a reduced the lift-off tolerance. My profile is kind of basic as I've not exploited all the features of the Z just yet, as I get more experienced and develop the profile I'll upload the iterations for those interested. Kind regards. John
  4. Hi everyone, I'm really enjoying my Swiftpoint Z mouse but I think I'm butting up against an auto-calibration system issue which I wanted to confirm. As PUBG fan I've configured my Swiftpoint Z mouse and I'm using the tilt function of the mouse to lean my in-game character left and right for those great snipers shots. This works great for a while but then it may get stuck on an angle of 1.4 and then my in-game character will be on a permanent lean. My PUBG profile has a corresponding release action setup for each tilt action so I'd like to know if this is a case of the auto-calibratio
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