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  1. Hi Bryce, 7months ago i notice that the deep click percentage are inconsistent for LMB & RMB. While pressing with the same force, the LMB starts at 35% maxing out to 75%. While RMB starts 12% maxing out to 55%. Same with the Left FT, Right FT and Middle MB. Now, its getting worse. Deep click for LMB starts at 42% or 50% and maxing out to 68 or sometimes at 75%. Same goes with the other four buttons. Seems that the pressure sensors started failing (or out of sync). Can we now prioritize the force calibration in the next update please?
  2. I have this the same issue with LMB while holding RMB. i hope with the next update a force calibration reset will be implemented.
  3. Hi Bryce, Would you mind sharing when and what includes in the next firmware update? I hope the "force percentage calibration" will be included.
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