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  1. Oh PS, it's using 12000 dpi settings and the in game mouse and my desktop mouse settings are lowered to very minimal settting, like mouse movement in game for x and Y are set to 0.2. scoped and aiming set to 0.4 and 0.5 respectively. Or you could change my profile to use your own dpi settings, but check it before you head in game as it willl make controlling your mouse pointer wild if you had a high mouse sensitivity ingame.
  2. So here is my Fortnite Profile. Basically, Left finger tip button will build you a ramp and return you to your weapon slot 2 gun. Right finger tip button, builds walls and ramps, there is a delay and you have to do some rotating, it's good for when your in desperate need for cover, it will basically surround you with walls a roof and a ramp, you need to be aware, you have to aim as it will auto left click them to place, you have a short window to rotate your character as it's laying them down ..practice and you will get it. Then it returns you to weapon slot 2 read
  3. I use this mouse for fortnite, specifically for building i have the two finger tip keys at the top bound to simple building jobs. It's extremely useful, BUT do not expect to just buy the mouse and use the extra keys to bind to say f3 for a ramp. It's too awkward, you will need to make a small program for each key using the accompanied software for the mouse. Examples are.. when i press the left finger button, it's will switch to F3 ramp, wait left click, then selct 2 and return me to my weapon. I have the right one set up to automatically build 4 walls and a ramp. But to do so
  4. To game, my thumb needs to be near the left side thumb buttons, it's a two finger scenario, the mouse is to wide to long and too heavy, it needs a weight reduction exersize..like a nasa space mission. It definitely needs shortening or the rests for the pinky re mapped. I do not know whether my hand is anything but average in size, like i'm 5'7" average. The mouse is killing my hand and little finger.
  5. Very handy thank you, but for me i need to use parent sub-parent. I had two profiles, no doubt, my destiny 2 profile is not a profile but a sub profile and hence it's not switching with the other command. Next/Previous Profile.
  6. Hi Bryce, Richard's my real name. So i solved using the mouses tilt sensitivity to select weapons. 1.2 left sends keypress 1 and your kinetic weapon equips, 1.2 right send keypress 3 and your power weapon equips 10 either left or right sends keypress 2 and returns to default energy weapon. never have to press 1,2 or 3 etc to select your weapon again. //////i also solved the keypress thing, when i was programing it in it automatically put in a line for release of the button so it was keying on and off, i just had to delete the release line of code. <jeez and i'm Engl
  7. Hi, Hey i have some questions and problems i'm seeking help on. I'm trying to make a profile for the game destiny 2. When i tilt left or right i'd like it to swap weapons, there's only three, left tilt for 1(numerical game call for weapon 1) Tilt right for 3 ie left tilt goes kinetic weapon right tilt switches to power weapon. I need access to push to talk for discord. I thought of binding it to either deep pressing left click, or the second mouse button on the left above left click, but when i bind it to say a function F24(which i thought, could be a g
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