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  1. BryceThompson

    Mouse not detected

    Hey Guys, I am running the V1.2.54.0 of the software on a Mac with Remote Windows 8 Operating system, The program runs fine and the mouse works Plug and play without issues, but the software cannot locate the Mouse when we try to apply the updates, is there a way to reset or force the mouse finder ?
  2. BryceThompson

    Swiftpoint on XboX X

    ok, ill avoid those buttons for now and remap gameplay, looking forward to Mac support. Thank you
  3. BryceThompson

    Swiftpoint on XboX X

    i use the swiftpoint on my XboX x with a xim converter, i love the mouse, but i cannon map the deep click settings and often in a fight, some mapping opens menus and other functions that get me killed because i press too hard. Also the thumb button ( lower ) instantly uses 2nd function Is there a way to disable some of the features i dont want to use as they are mapped badly? I am on a Mac / not PC for updates