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  1. Hi, Not sure where this goes, but I'm encountering a bug when adding more than one "Repeat From" Functions in the output actions. I've uploaded examples of the problem here: https://imgur.com/gallery/qQmz5pO. Whenever adding a second "Repeat From" function in the output actions, the software does not want to save changes until I've removed the function. When adding normal scroll actions, everything is fine and I'm able to save. When adding cascading scroll actions and a second "Repeat From", I'm unable to save the changes. This happens when ever I add a second "Repeat From" function. This is the error message I get when I try to change profiles, making it unusable. Restarting the software wipes the changes, but I'm able to use the software again. Kind Regards
  2. Dam, that is a shame. At least I asked before trying anything. Thanks for the info!
  3. Hi there, I've just bought the Z and was wondering if it was possible to use the "Flight Stick Extender" and the mouses normal X-Axis and Y-Axis at the same time? The idea I have is to cut a hole in the bottom of the Flight Stick Extender, thereby changing it into a fully functional mouse and joystick hybrid. I don't want to give up mouse control for pivot or vice versa.
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