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  1. Hey, just wanted to answer a few issues you found. You can clone a profile. right click it and click duplicate. easy peezy. Though you cannot move from the current parent profile. which hopefully will be added in the next update (apparently they are actually working on a major update to the software... or so they say.) Subprofiles DO use any bindings on the parent profile, assuming you have not created a new, empty binding. Though, I feel that when you add a fresh binding it should contain the parents binding(s) instead of an empty one so people don't get all confused like you have. I do wish they allow us to increase the vibration the longer we hold the button down. that would be great and really give us an awesome haptic response to our actions. Yeah.. the tutorials are lacking when it comes to the more complicated stuffs. Hopefully someone more knowledgeable will address the rest of your issus and thoughts. edit: you might want to share the profile file for Tarkov. then people will actually be able to help you properly.
  2. True... but don't see much activity from devs when it comes to feature suggestions. I figured at least it should be seen by a dev/forum admin when they go to move it to the right sub forum. heh.
  3. Hey all. I figure someone should create a feature request thread... so here it is! To get it started here are some of my ideas: Right clicking the taskbar icon should allow us to swap profiles Load the right profiles when the game starts (like what Logitech does in their gaming software with their programmable keys) Anyone have any ideas they want to share?
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