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  1. I've found that I cannot seem to get the profile switching to work with Windows store games. Most of it has to do with specific file permissions which I have toyed with. I have taken ownership of the files and given myself full control. But for some reason when trying to set the exe file to profile switch to it keeps telling me I don't have the proper permissions. I've tried researching this across the net but I can't find any references to the problem. I can't be the only one having this issue because from what I can tell this is an inherent problem caused by the protected nature of windows m
  2. I'm having an issue getting this to work. I have the right fingertip button mapped to press and hold shift for sprint, but upon deep click i have it set to release shift, and then tap, and then press and hold the shift key which should set the horse to gallop and stop when I release the button. I've tried to put waits in between the press and releases, and I've tried changing the first tap to a tap - wait - release but to no avail. It's not a huge problem but I'm just trying to understand the minutia of programming my mouse so that I'll understand more advanced concepts later on. If anyone c
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