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    Here is a Full Swift Point Z setup for Star Citizen. - My First working system. I will think carefully about Deep Press options and play with this Config Some. Deep press is still another new function for me to learn *I am not using the Flight Pad attachment in this configuration* Included File is a Control layout for Star Citizen. -= Put here - Star Citizen\StarCitizen\LIVE\USER\Controls\Mappings Lower Side Button - Hold and Pivot - Roll while in flight mode In coupled mode -Tilt forward to Strafe up , Tilt back to strafe down (tilt left to strafe left , right for right) In decoupled mode - Tilt forward and back is Strafe forwards and backwards. (everything else is the same) Side buttons are Shields Front , Shields Rear (edge buttons Front and Back) Buttons ontop of main buttons , Shields Left , Shields Right Upper left , Push , Shields topside , Pull Shields Underside ( Not Implemented in game Yet) Upper Right Push - Reset Shields Upper Right Pull - Re-calibrate axis's Upper Side button - Push to Talk LCD , Force Description. Nothing bound to deep presses. --- Settings are modified simple controls for star citizen load out. Decouple Toggle - O Match Velocity of target - P E.S.P Toggle - K Gimble Lock Toggle - L layout_Zpoint-Swift_exported.xml
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