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  1. RudNick

    Middle button stopped working

    I am with you ref the product. It's really sad that there is so little backing by support and software. It would not be the first time that a very good and convincing item eventually fails in the market because of the inability of the maker to pull it really through. The ability to support, improve and follow up is written in the "Basics" chapter of the Handbook for Successful Enterprises. It's a worn-out comment, but true here, "So sad."
  2. RudNick

    Middle button stopped working

    I have a similar issue, although the middle button does not stop working completely. What I notice is, that it takes various force to press the middle button to make it work over periods of times. Sometimes it requires a really hard press. This happens for an unspecified period of time. Later, it requires a "normal" force to press it, which goes for a while as well. I cannot compare it to other Z's. So I don't really know, what is the "Normal" force to press the middle button. However, compared to a Logi Mouse, it's been a forceful press from the beginning. It's even tiring during long sessions.