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  1. Priimate


    @Munkie Thanks man. I've tried to use their new grenades/meds icon wheel implemented a few patches ago and it doesn't compare to pushing/pulling a trigger and moving the mouse. It just works. The quick grenades can occasionally get funky if the animation cycle doesn't complete before deep clicking (R | cook) but it's just timing on the wait commands. Same with the alt + drag / Text string input + enter combo. That has a pretty high fail rate but I think its the game, not the driver. All things aside I still suck at the game lol, and their netcode/matchmaking is still wonky! but its a lot more enjoyable now
  2. Priimate


    Version 1.0.0


    I've been running this PUBG profile for months now and I'm very comfortable with it. I guess the main goal was to minimise panic keyboard presses but I ended up just having more fun in game with all these bound to the mouse. Once you get used to it and make it your own, the enjoyment level increases 10 fold! The only things I've got bound to the keyboard that I use are: Crouch - C | Prone - X | Interact - F | Reload - R | Unarm - Q | Toggle Fire Rate - E. A few quick mentions about the other bindings that you'll either have to change in-game or tweak the .SPCF: Peek Left - num4 | Peek Right - num6 | Meds - 0, 7, 8, 9 (see below) | Grenades - num7, num8, num9, num5 (see below) | Hold breathe - H I really like having unarm (cancel reload/grenade) and fire rate toggle close to WASD, so I rebound peek elsewhere. The Quick Grenade and Quick Stun macros on the mouse are just a tonne of fun to roll in-game. You can easily set up the stun grenade to cook on deep-click (vibrate once /sec to three seconds max) much like the grenade rumble warnings, however with the short fuse on stun grenades already it often times results in blinding yourself 😂 It took some tweaking to get the Auto-ADS working on the bottom and top thumb buttons. Inspired by PUBG mobile where there's an option to auto-ADS when peeking, when I set it up I thought it'd be rubbish on PC because its really not that hard of a task to double tap RMB and peek corners, but once I started using it... PUBGs in-game settings don't allow for inventory to be set as a hold function, so the macro in this profile is awesome. Pressing right trigger clicks "i" and releasing right trigger presses "i", essentially turning a toggle into a hold function via the driver. The DPI is also set to 3000+ on right trigger push so you can loot with the best (and die like the rest lol). Adjust to your liking! I also hate their loot management system, even with the latest introduction to dropping ammo and med stacks with a slider.. A bit of experimenting and I got it to where I can auto drop stacks of 30 (ammo) and individual items such as meds, grenades etc. Originally I had set peek to tilt left and right but its just to sensitive for my liking. Anyway, enjoy! Chop and change what you like but give it a good go and let me know what you think. Takes some getting used to, like all rebinds, but once the muscle memory kicks in it's a load of fun.
  3. I really like the grenade cook my man! Great minds think alike haha. I had exactly the same idea but couldn't get it to work until I checked out the forums for help and saw your post. Initially I thought there was desync with the in-game timer or the mouse/driver but I noticed after a while - in the driver, my vibration duration was set to continue (I never noticed there was a 'wait until' option in the vibration output) so my wait commands were "wait 0.7 seconds", vibrate "0.3 [continue]" instead of wait until vibrate has finished.. resulting in a few really short games in PUBG ? Quick fix though either changing the wait or vibration outputs. The pull trigger and mouse movements to change equips is quality man!. I'm a pleb when it comes to macros, I've always stuck to in-game bindings and hardware defaults so this is like a new world. I've got a pretty gnarly profile in the works that I've been destroying with lately, when I upload it I'll tag you bruh. GGs