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  1. Hi elethiomell I'm in training grounds now just testing out the grenades and it does indeed work, there's two functions inside the left fingertip button; There's a regular press (Quick grenade) and a 10% deep-click which cooks. Are you pressing down harder on the fingertip button? You'll find you have to normal press LFB until the animation completely casts (when your players hand swings back towards the camera and then stops) and then from the pressed state, following through into the deep-click now starts to cook the grenade 😊 There's a way to adjust that (the wait time in between
  2. @Munkie Thanks man. I've tried to use their new grenades/meds icon wheel implemented a few patches ago and it doesn't compare to pushing/pulling a trigger and moving the mouse. It just works. The quick grenades can occasionally get funky if the animation cycle doesn't complete before deep clicking (R | cook) but it's just timing on the wait commands. Same with the alt + drag / Text string input + enter combo. That has a pretty high fail rate but I think its the game, not the driver. All things aside I still suck at the game lol, and their netcode/matchmaking is still wonky! but it
  3. Version 1.0.0


    I've been running this PUBG profile for months now and I'm very comfortable with it. I guess the main goal was to minimise panic keyboard presses but I ended up having more fun in-game with everything bound to the mouse. Once you get used to it and make it your own, the enjoyment level increases 10 fold The only things I've got bound to the keyboard that I use are: Crouch - C | Prone - X | Interact - F | Reload - R | Unarm - Q | Toggle Fire Rate - E. A few quick mentions about the other bindings that you'll either have to change in-game or tweak the .SPCF: Peek
  4. I really like the grenade cook my man! Great minds think alike haha. I had exactly the same idea but couldn't get it to work until I checked out the forums for help and saw your post. Initially I thought there was desync with the in-game timer or the mouse/driver but I noticed after a while - in the driver, my vibration duration was set to continue (I never noticed there was a 'wait until' option in the vibration output) so my wait commands were "wait 0.7 seconds", vibrate "0.3 [continue]" instead of wait until vibrate has finished.. resulting in a few really short games in PUBG ?
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