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    Nade and Weapon switch - Profile I'm using this Profile now for a while i really like it. I want to share it with you because i saw just 1 or 2 Profiles for CSGO on this Page. Here is what you get: Left Fingertip = Smoke Right Fingertip = Flash Left Trigger Push = Main-Weapon Left Trigger Pull = HE - Grenade Right Trigger Push = Knife Right Trigger Pull = Molotov/Incendiary Top Thumb = Secondary Weapon Bottom Thumb = Mic Push to Talk Front Edge = F and R Loop (Just for Weapon Animations) Rear Edge = Jump-Throw Bind Please leave a Comment for Tipps and Improvements. Thx I also made a complete new Buy-Menu in CSGO, you could use the Radiopanel for buying Weapons instead of the Bot-Commands >>>Check the Guide here <<<
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