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  1. Midget_Army

    X52 and Z having a fight

    Hi I have an X52 joystick - just fired up elite for the first time in a while and noticed that when the throttle is moved the mouse cursor starts drifting when I pull the throttle back it stops - seems that the X52 is interfering with the Z inputs....any ideas chaps
  2. Midget_Army

    reduce mouse movement when pressing buttons

    Thanks will try it
  3. Midget_Army

    reduce mouse movement when pressing buttons

    ooooh good plan, will have look at that
  4. was just wondering is there a way to VERY briefly stop any mouse movements when pressing a button ie snatching at the fire button (lets say left click) would be good to improve aim etc in game
  5. Midget_Army

    GTA V & GTA Online

    Thanks for sharing this I was thinking of playing with this at some point soon
  6. Midget_Army

    [PROFILE] Fortnite Battle Royale

    epic post dude, good explaination of the config, nice video and the profile +1
  7. Midget_Army

    The 'lift' function?

    I think the OP was more specifically wanting to be able to program against the "lift" function, Although if he is struggling to generally program a button I am sure that helps and it may well solve part of his problem. I am quite interested to see if there is a way to "utilize" the lift outputs (but not sure why I would at this point in time) I think the Z effectively turns into a joystick once "lifted" so any program that can interpret the joystick outputs can be used I guess? It would more commonly be used in a game which would already be able to have "joystick" assigned to actions
  8. Midget_Army

    Pink rest add-on

    people use a two finger style? , how do you use the wheel? good point though I just tried a two finger style and it is a world more awkward (at least if you are not used to it)
  9. Midget_Army

    Elite: Dangerous

    Hendell....you are joking right, Elite is a 3d space game in fact in the same vane and starcitizen (did what iz name developing SC work on elite with Steve braben?) so it is very much the same thing - also it does has analouge Joystick support
  10. Midget_Army

    COD WW2

    Hi All, Has anyone set up any sniping type set ups for COD WW2 yet, was thinking of doing a similar thing to the battlefield demo when the game was being developed , might help me learn to quick scope....though I think I am a lost cause
  11. Midget_Army

    Elite: Dangerous

    Love Elite, but not sure I would swap my x52 for a mouse lol I have yet to try to use the joystick inputs in game game (was going to try battlefield etc) but never got around to it, please keep us posted how you get on
  12. Midget_Army

    Pink rest add-on

    I know not the neatest job but it works
  13. Midget_Army

    Pink rest add-on

  14. Midget_Army

    Pink rest add-on

    I added my own using sugru a moldable rubber thing, works great, actually mine is a third finger rest but you could move it lower to be a pinkie rest