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  1. next time before trying to show off provide facts. -beers.
  2. you should read your last sentence again on yourself.., there are rules of cfg being confirmed by admins and thats old news and im not talking about obvious things, but mice being banned??? "Many mice are not allowed to be used competitively" -can you provide me that list of banned mice? do your homework.
  3. first time hear that. can you provide facts? because i guess its your made up thought. the main thing itsntoo heavy and too big, thats it. i have no idea why ppl are obsessed with every gram to be lighter but heavier mice are always better to aim. just my opinion.
  4. it is, and i wrote it in multiple threads here in forums. one thread was deleted and other just ignored with no answer as everything else here from admins. it is sad that in some time this product will dissapear since i love z mouse, in fact i got two of them. mouse itself is amazing but support team is sitting and smiling with middle finger raised up.
  5. support from swiftpoint is really weak, but atleast you got the answer. Support is what makes brand strong and recommended. unfortunate.
  6. @Bryce I have similar question, can you share 3d model of z mouse so we can model our own addons to print? i have idea for pinky finger rest, because i see that as a weak spot+ rubber grips are really poorly designed so i see place for improvement ill do myself.
  7. Hello you beautiful people. I am having issues regarding the joystick setup. I've bought dirt 4 game and Z just for that matter and no luck with setup. I want to control it with tilt or pivot doesnt even care (joystick like) but game refuses to recognise at all. In-game i can only see recognision of swiftpoint z, thats it, and when i need to bind nothing is recognised. Is there anyway to work around that? i am deeply disappointed, since this should be plug and play...
  8. Hello, side tilt would be pretty useful option (as in pubg video developers showed) if it would work in reality, but... I've tried the small tilt right/left (like in default) 1.5 degree isnt working while mouse is moving, It is working well when mouse sits still, I've tried in game to use it as weapon switch but no luck. Then for test purposes set left/right tilt 1.5 degree to Volume up and down, and guess what... When mouse is moving it's not working... but when mouse is sitting still its like charm... So what's the use of it? I was wondering if it possible to developers to fix it or it's intentional with hardware limitation?
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