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    Hi, this is my ArmA3 profile which relies mostly on Joystick button (JB) binds. That means after you select the profile in the swiftpoint driver software you still have to map the joystick buttons in the ArmA3 key config. Right Button - aim scope; deep press - lower DPI to 200 and hold breath (shift) Left Fingertip - JB3 mounted to stance down; deep press - JB9 mounted to prone/standup Right Fingertip - JB4 mounted to stance up; deep press - JB10 mounted to crouch/standup Left Trigger Push - JB5 mounted to handgun Left Trigger Pull - JB6 mounted to secondary weapon Right trigger push - JB7 mounted to reload; CTRL+JB7 mounted to deploy weapon Right trigger pull - JB8 mounted to inventory Front Edge - JB1 mounted to throw grenade; CTRL+JB1 mounted to change grenade Rear Edge - JB2 mounted to map Mouse B5 mounted to primary gun; CTRL+MB5 mounted to tactical view Mouse B4 mounted to compass; also mounted to lase target; CTRL+MB4 mounted to 3rd person vierw Tilt mouse 10 degree to the right to get additional keybinds Left Fingertip - JB11 mounted to flash light/headlights Right Fingertip - JB12 mounted to nightvision Mouse Wheel push - JB13 mounted to zeroing up Mouse Wheel pull - JB14 mounted to zeroing down
  2. I would like to do the opposite. Press left mouse button does a tap and deep press the left mouse button does a click and hold. However I can't change the normal left mouse button to a tap?!
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