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  1. Yeah that is what actually got me back in here. Have to re download the software. I had to reformat a couple weeks ago and hadn't reinstal the Z software. The problem of using only one profile and it being saved to the mouse. It is easy to forget till you need it lol
  2. Yeah I don't play any of those games @untag so i couldn't say. My daughter actually asked me to play Soulclaibur VI with her and I am having a deal setting that up right now as it keeps thinking I have a controller...Talk about double jeopardy as it could be either the Z or the Azeron causing the glitch pfft. Nothing worth doing is always easy though I hear ;)
  3. I still love this Azeron and it has gotten even better over time as I have that muscle memory down and knowing the keys on it better new game set ups are way easier as I can look through a game list on binds and match up to the Azeron keys much faster and get in and play right away 99% of the time with few adjustment. I don't think this will disappoint at all
  4. Honestly guys, the Azeron is a great piece of gear. I do want to point out it is a newer product and the software is still Alpha so where you guys use the Orb Weaver with the fancy smancy Razor Synapse(I used Razor products for a long time so know that software too) You may want to wait a bit. The Azeron software is not even close to having the capabilities of your current software. This is why I'm having to figure out how to do my macro keys on the Z as I can't do them on Azeron yet at all. Not that I want to discourage your interest by any means, just want ya'll to be aware of that aspect as well. I swear by the comfort of Azeron though. Combined with my Z I can game all day with absolutely no pain in my hands now. I'm an old lady though, so comfort was more important
  5. OMG thank you so much @CodeBerry! The first one was correct for what i was wanting. I had the first part right with the looping. I just couldn't figure out the stop. I would have never figured that out with using the alternate thing. I got it set and it is working perfectly now. Life is back to perfect for me again, cuz i'm extremely easy to please like that lol
  6. So I have an in game macro that has a main rotation on it for fighting. I have that bound to key 1 for KB. what I would like it to be able to press the key and the 1 just goes and press again it stops. I was able to figure out how to make it just go with the key press, I just cant figure out the combo to make it stop with another key press. To be honest it would be great to do it on the Azeron, but the software is in alpha so no macro capabilities yet so need to make it work on the z for that. I can understand the hesitation if your Orb weaver is newish. I do know Azeron is used for like CoD, Fortnite Apex and a bunch of other peeps that play shooters. I know not all those ore FPS, but so far I have not had a game that it can't be made to work with. I have WoW which is my main game, but also Dauntess MHW, FN, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot, CoDMW, Tetris Effect. I could name more but that gives a pretty good range different types of games lol
  7. @L!qu!d Yep I have had no issues since I made the suggested changes so far. I am very happy. Only thing left to figure out with the z, if it's possible, is a loop macro I don't have to hold the button constantly to work
  8. Thanks for the input @L!qu!d and @CodeBerryI am actually on the Azeron support and someone there actually uses the Swiftpoint and has no problems. Conflicts are only with non multi input games, which is most of what I play. The Z or the Azeron wants to take the axis movement Or buttons on the Z clash with a button press on the Azeron. It was suggested Stop using Joystick button 1 and 2 and disable gyro but I don't see any of that being used and I deleted the default profiles that came with the mouse as I had no need of them in general. I actually got the Azeron when I was using my laptop and the conflict first started and now I am on a new PC and the conflicts are there again. I was given some suggestions to make them play nice using game specific profiles and of course the joystick being off. As far as using the Azeron compared to other game pads I have used, nothing compares. The thing that makes it so great is it conforms you your hand so minimal movement of the fingers to get do what you need. My hands are bad and the KB gets to me anymore between using it for work then gaming on top of it. The Z was the best investment i have ever made for my left and and the Azeron compares to that for the right so now just gotta bring them together and life will be prefect lol
  9. Does anyone possibly have an Azeron game pad. I'm having issues getting the mouse and pad to play nice. When they work it is fabulous but after a bit of time my game freaks out and to get any of the peripherals working again, I have to do a full restart on the PC. I thought at first I just was configuring the mouse completely wrong as I changed it over to use modifiers and the like on it and the Azeron for movement and main spells but I finally got back to trying to use my Z as the other mouse I have sucks as far as the button layouts and is not comfortable at all since I went back to raiding. Casual play the other mouse is ok as I'm not having to really do much *shrugs* Anyway if anyone has advise regarding this please let me know how you got them to work together.
  10. So I am looking to do something similar to this. Not sure if you might be able to help but figured it would be worth the ask. I'm looking to have a macro loop at 80ms key press. So like I have it set for just the initial key press the wait and then have it loop. This is to use an in game macro for main rotation spells. What I am trying to do differently is make it so I can tap the key and it goes infinitely and tap again and it stops. I have managed the first part to just go with a button press but no matter what scenario I use the second part won't stop it. If there is any chance you happen to know how I would be able to change it to press/release it goes press/release again and it stops, I would be eternally grateful. Such a newb to the more complicated side of the software.
  11. Hmm I used the press release one but I don't remember the arrows on the outside happening so I may have just set it up wrong some how. Now i see how it should look I'll get it. Thanks so much
  12. Hi so I have tried to do several various setup in the software to be able to bind a push to talk button and it never works for me. I have seen comments that people do use this feature, but it is kicking my butt. When I still used keyboard to play, I could work around it but since I switched to an Azeron game pad, not so much. I have been using another mouse I have but really missing my z as so much more comfortable and the buttons are laid out so much better. Can someone please tell me how to make this work please as I guess for this one little thing I am just not smart enough.
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