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  1. Yes it's related to Windows 10 1809, thats why the title says Issues with Windows 10 Fall update 1809. It causes a hell of a lot of bugs? mine's fine on a fresh install from the latest W10 image from MS. Also I must have missed the part where I was advocating searches for Windows updates, can you point me to that part (as you said it was for 'my' information)?
  2. Hi All Just a little heads up for anyone experiencing issues after updating to W10 1809 (Fall 2018 update). You *may find your driver not starting properly and getting a message that 'something went wrong'. I *think this is an incompatibility with 1809 and to rectify the issue I reinstalled with the latest driver download which will take you back to version After installing you'll get a message that the driver is outdated and to upgrade. I did not upgrade further at this point an my mouse driver works fine. I suspect it will have to stay this way until the second coming of Christ. Hope it helps someone out.
  3. Had a Razr mouse, would never have another, the software/firmware is garbage. Nearly bought a Razr keyboard until I saw the feedback on the 2 that a particular site had sold, BOTH returned. I love the Z Mouse and my standby is my Rocatt Tyon. I think you'll find that all the negativity on this forum is the total lack of support, they don't even respond to forum posts. This is a company in a muddle because if it wasn't the owner would have this issue addressed. My Tyon remains on call, and ultimately one day I think that call will come.
  4. AODqw97

    Middle button stopped working

    It appears that Grant Odgers doesn't even frequent the forums because I know what I'd do if I found feedback like this. Oh well, I hope I never need my mouse physically fixed because I think I'd just buy a new one rather than wait God knows how long. I'm off to post some useful info for people that have upgraded to W10 1809.
  5. AODqw97

    Middle button stopped working

    It takes no more than a normal light click RudNick. I suspect I wont get a quick answer (if any) as I've kicked off about their lazy repsonse in the past. The support is the worst part of this product but sadly there's no comparable product (at the moment).
  6. My middle button has stopped working unless I press it down unnecessarily hard. Like there's dirt in the switch sort of feeling (which there isn't). Any chance of a support response please?
  7. AODqw97

    software update

    I've sold 3 other Z''s to people I game with, but now we have this ignorance/arrogance mix regarding this update and no response to the backlash from it I don't think I'll bother in future if this is the support level.
  8. AODqw97

    software update

    Sad that they can't even be bothered to respond to this post, makes me even more nervous.
  9. AODqw97

    software update

    Sadly I feel the same. I bought my Z believing the hype that this really might be a true groundbreaking piece of hardware. It IS groundbreaking, but I literally hope it doesn't 'break' because if the software updates are anything to go by I doubt it will ever get fixed. Seems like another great idea that just didn't have the correct people behind it, or the crowdfund was so successful it took away the drive, sound familiar? We waited since December the 8th for Chinese language implementation?! I'm just glad I never got rid of my Roccat Tyon..
  10. So I have just received an email telling me the Z is $149 this week instead of the usual $229. Seems like a he'll of a discount, and says a lot about the profit margin. Also makes me a little nervous that the price should be murdered by this much, smacks of desperation. Not impressed.
  11. AODqw97

    GTA V & GTA Online

    Thanks Bryce. I kind of gave up on it for a time but I'll have another look and get back to you.
  12. I've just tried it lol, I think it would take me about four years to get used to that
  13. AODqw97

    Show us your setup

    Ahh OK. The thing with the ultrawide is you get a nice full view including your peripheral vision without the frames each side. I'd never go back to 3 monitors or 4:3 aspect now, ultrawide is king IMO.
  14. AODqw97

    Show us your setup

    Thanks guys. @cuongtdc it might look high but it's perfect head height. @Absolarix yes I'd never go back to a normal monitor, the immersion with an ultra wide is unreal. Also I wouldn't say I'm an audiophile but I do like a decent sound. That's an old Creative Cambridge DTS3500 it's about 20 years old now but sounds fantastic. You carried it all out to somewhere that had power? Wow, and I get called obsessional ! Why the two keyboards and what keyboards are they please?
  15. Version 1.0.0


    My first fully finished config for Escape From Tarkov. This config brings many essential gun play commands right to your mouse, including: Check weapon, check breach, switch between upper/lower sights, inventory, toggle tactical attachments, magazine check and more. The left fingertip button setup: Single tap status announcement, double tap to bring up the gesture command and 50% push to check weapon. Lower shoulder button + W ans S gives fire from cover and blind fire while the top button makes you prone. Of course not forgetting the 'tilt to lean' exclusive to all us Z users