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  1. Does the Tracer come with the case? that has been pretty great with the Z save it get mixed up with other things in my bag
  2. Coming from the Naga Epic thumb buttons are awesome! Shame razer make compromising decisions on the clickers in the left and right buttons (see double clicking threads everywhere) no extra thumb buttons in the new Tracer though, oh well.
  3. lol - there is an option in the menu "save mappings to Permanent Flash memory in mouse" well there we go. Nice!
  4. I'm running Linux as my primary OS now. How do I get the mouse to keep its DPI setting permanently? (Well until it is changed to a different setting) This would be ideal in general as its annoying that the mouse doesn't work properly until windows has got around to launching the swiftpoint software. Also sporadically I need to go into the software and toggle connect/disconnect mouse to get the DPI setting back...
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