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  1. 1 hour ago, untag said:

    On another note... how's your experience so far? How customizable is the Azeron? For example, does the Azeron allow you to customize keypress / key release? How about macros (apparently it doesn't)?

    Azerons software is limited. For more sophisticated bindings I use ReWASD. They both work well together. An example of a bind I've done is add slow walk, joy and run to the thumbstick depending on how much pressure you put into a direction. Unfortunately there is no deep click on the Azeron but the number of buttons and ease of hitting them makes up for that. I find the physical form better than the Razer keypads, build quality not as good.  


    4 hours ago, untag said:

    No man's sky / Elite Dangerous / Star Citizen. I wonder if this setup could replace a HOTAS / HOSAS. The extra analog stick + 4 way hat might be just what the Z needs

    I don't play these games but I would think that if you have played these with a XBOX or PS controller and don't mind the thumbstick then the Azeron could work well. It's not going to be as good as a HOTUS but not bad if you want more of an all round controller for all games.

    I don't use the Z's tilt functionality to it's full potential. I'm a FPS gamer and using it to lean affects my aim too much. No idea how it would work in a flight game alongside a thumbstick in the other hand. 

    Quite a bit of chatter related to these games in the Azeron Discord if you wanted to check it out, or ask your own questions. I'm happy to answer other questions too. 

  2. 3 hours ago, Demonspawn said:

    Can I laugh at the first video tho?  I think profile switching for games is just silly as heck.  How often does anyone fire up a game and then fire up a new one 5 minutes later such that mode switching becomes something to worry about?

    It's a quick demo video of the feature to illustrate how it works. I don't think you should take it as a literal real world use-case. 

    3 hours ago, Demonspawn said:

    On the other hand, mode switching for productivity where I will be switching applications all the time is killer! 

    This is a real world use-case of the feature. But if you were to show the feature in a small 30 second clip whats more exciting, gaming or an Excel spreadsheet?

  3. 18 hours ago, Bryce said:
    On 7/30/2020 at 2:12 PM, CodeBerry said:

    In the design of the TRACER did you consider allowing the purple theme to be customisable?

    Do you mean producing different coloured parts so users could swap them out, or just making different coloured versions of Tracer?

    Either way, this isn't something we looked at for Tracer. But during the Z's development we did play around with swappable back-plates.

    @Bryce, swap them out.

    Let's say you have the option to purchase a black or white version of the Tracer or Z. The body and main buttons (left & rightclick) are in this primary colour and can't be swapped. 

    Now every other button and non slip stickers could be swapped out for a different colour to match the users taste. The finger tip and triggers are already customisable, it's a case of making the other buttons / scroll wheel rubber replaceable.

    Bottom line is gamers love their RGB and colour themes. On the other hand, users within an office environment like something less vibrant. The Tracer could be even more appealing to purchase with these options. Incidental the colour packs work as replacement parts for wear and tear.

    For example, the person who builds this PC might pick the white Tracer with red buttons or black buttons. Maybe both and run a mix of red buttons and black non slip stickers.


  4. In the design of the TRACER did you consider allowing the purple theme to be customisable?

    I'm sure some would love the chance to buy a colour pack with thumb, edge, fingertip, trigger buttons and non slip stickers in any colour. If possible the rubber on the wheel too.

  5. Just saw the new crowd funding campaign for the TRACER. Very interesting, not for the device itself (as we have the Z) but for the software. 

    I'm glad the software has been revamped and it looks like someone saw my Driver Features and UI Design post, as many of the ideas and features look very similar.

    Can I please get confirmation from Swiftpoint that this software will be compatible with the Z? Surely you will have the sense to have one driver for both devices. 


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  6. 5 hours ago, Dragonfail said:

    I do want to point out it is a newer product and the software is still Alpha

    I'm a strong believer that the products is only as good as the software. In saying that I kickstarted the Z, and didn't have offical Mac drivers for a very long time. I can wait as long as I know work is being done on it and there is a roadmap of features they are looking to build. Something Swiftpoint is arguably not good at doing. 

    5 hours ago, Dragonfail said:

    This is why I'm having to figure out how to do my macro keys on the Z as I can't do them on Azeron yet at all.

    The lack of macro's can be fixed by using other software like AutoHotKey. I'd assume you could bind a macro to a hotkey and then set Azeron to trigger that hotkey. 

    I'm interested in getting the Azeron. I've desired something better for my left hand for a long time. My main concern is that in my research, reviewers weren't sure the thumbstick was good for FPS movement e.g. the quick A/D strafing. Yet seems great for 3rd person e.g. GTA where its better when transitioning between walk and run. I saw a few gamers using it in Fortnite, I'm guessing Azeron pushed a few their way for marketing reasons. Not my game but they seemed to love it. I'm guessing the learning curve is also huge, moving away from WASD and muscle memory.

    My birthday is coming up, maybe a present to myself. 

  7. Quote

    what I would like it to be able to press the key and the 1 just goes and press again it stops.

    On second read, you might be wanting to hold "key 1" down on first click and then release on second click. 

    Here is the "press" bindings:


    This might require you to turn auto-release off in overall settings. 



  8. You could create the entire macro on the Z but if you have other software and set it up already for "key 1" then the way I would do it is:


    Here is the "press" bindings:


    It's a basic loop to tap "1" key, repeat and to never stop. You might want to adjust the wait time so it works best for your macro action.

    Here is the "release" bindings:


    This says on the first click do the loop set in the press binding. On a second click, stop all loops.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Dragonfail said:

    if it's possible, is a loop macro I don't have to hold the button constantly to work :)

    What actions do you want it to do?

    I'm seriously thinking about getting a Azeron. Looks very nice and interested to see what it's like to play with. I'm primarily a FPS player. Few TPS like Division 2. Will watch a few reviews and consider it some more. The decision is hard as my Orbweaver isn't that old.

  10. I'm a big fan of gaming keypads, currently using the Orbweaver. I wasn't aware of the Azeron but it looks very interesting. Whats it like compared to standard key layout of other keypads? 

    I've said it a few times here that Swiftpoint should consider building one. 


    I'd love to see SwiftPoint focus on different devices. Personally I'd love a gaming keypad to pair up with the Z. Looking at utilising the tilt / pivot, deep clicks and vibration feedback features and seeing how you could create a device to innovative movement in-game. 

    I'm surprised there is a conflict. Both store bindings to the device. Try changing the Z's "Game Controller Type" to "none" rather than joystick. I wonder if thats causing it. Otherwise I'm not sure.

  11. Seems like three identical devices to me. If they are different, it might be worth adding a "compare features" on the main website. 

    On a side note, I'd love to see SwiftPoint focus on different devices. Personally I'd love a gaming keypad to pair up with the Z. Looking at utilising the tilt / pivot, deep clicks and vibration feedback features and seeing how you could create a device to innovative movement in-game. 

    At the very least create a survey and ask the community what they want.

  12. Just saw a job opening for a Software Engineer at Swiftpoint

    No idea why Swiftpoint don't promote this within their community. It's likely there are many people who use their products that are in the software profession. These people already have love for the hardware and a desire to make the software better.

    As great as it is to see some unofficial news on Swiftpoint's software development, I personally I don't agree with the methodology of how they are building their drivers. As @Damir and I talked about in the Driver Features and UI Design post, we'd love to see the driver split into a microservice architecture. Where the UI module is completely separated and made open-source, allowing the community to add features and improve the overall design of the interface.

    Rant aside, it's good to see that they are putting some focusing on the software. I've said it many times before... the hardware can only be as good as the software.



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  13. 6 minutes ago, David.L said:

    Vibration function simulation the rate of breathing is a great idea.
     About the vibration function, does anyone have a creative way of using it?

    I've never thought of this. It's a cool idea but not sure how it would be used in a game.

    I'd love to see force feedback triggered by in-game events exactly like console controllers.


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