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  1. @Damir, you should consider moving your <suggestion> section into a new post or edit and update the text in your comment on my driver feature post. I would never have found it if it wasn't for the link you posted in there. It would be good to keep the conversation going in one place.
  2. Auto profile switching is probably the number one feature request on this forum. I'm not sure if it's being worked on or ETA. You can switch profiles manually by lifting the Z off the table, turning it so you can see the OLED display and click the edge buttons to scroll though them.
  3. Screenshot of the bind helps. I'm taking a guess that you didn't "release" the 7, therefore you got a infinite press. Check my screenshot: Step 1 and 2 will press and release the 7 key. Step 3 does the exact same thing but in one line. You only need do step 1-2 OR step 3, not both. I just wanted to show the different way of doing it.
  4. @JohannHo, check out the new Option to disable or enable "Tilt Auto-Zeroing" feature in Driver V1.2.52
  5. Before trying the Z, he was pretty keen to purchase one for work rather than gaming. I can't really blame, hardware is only as good as the software.
  6. Yeah makes sense but I don't see why it can't be removed. I could always bind left click to another button. I first came across this when I was trying to create a flight profile in Arma 3. I wanted the left click to lift but the unbindable left click was an issue. The idea was to flick back to the non-flight profile as soon as I left the helicopter giving me the standard left click behaviour.
  7. Welcome to the club @gasknr Editing the left button is a bit of a pain as I can't seem to remove the default left click on a standard push... yet I believe my solution might suit you better. On a light press, it will do a standard left click, when you deep click you will get rapid fire. This is untested but something like this should work. Image 1 - Shows the summary of the key bind. Image 2 - Shows the setup for a 50% deep click (change to a percent that suits) Step 2 - This releases the left click you currently have held down. Step 3 & 4 - Tap th
  8. This is an interesting hand position and it does feel comfortable. I'm not sure I could teach my brain to use another finger for shooting. Will give it a go.
  9. I personally use the index finger for both the left click and wheel. The middle finger can be used also. I might try my hand at a 3 finger position (pun intended) and see how I go. My initial concern is that my fingers feel quite cramped.
  10. I've been keeping an eye on the game as well. Haven't purchased a copy yet but will do after a couple more areas are opened up. Will try out your profile when I do.
  11. Personally I haven't noticed this being an issue but thinking about it, I can see see your point and no reason why the right hand finger rest couldn't be longer.
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