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  1. I've since learned to not move the mouse off the pad as much as I normally would in order to not accidentally change the "map all" config. When gaming with friends in a raid (the reason I bought this mouse) I somehow tend to wave the mouse around. Heh, I never realized until this mouse.
  2. @Bryce Nope, I never even tried to use a pc to setup BTT with that wow profile. Besides, since the first testing of the BTT app I’ve trashed the app and profiles several times since. I believe BTT is setup on the default installation asked in the Mac install. At the moment, I am able to use the mouse and side/top “trigger” buttons.. IF and only IF BTT is off and on the side of the mouse in digital window the “map all” feature is on. I did love the Snap feature BTT had.. but as I said with BTT on nothing works. Even with BTT off every now and then my forward and back buttons won’t work when in the systems finder. In my browser for example.. no forward or back buttons
  3. is there no way to lock the mouse buttons to map all? As I'm playing a game "world of warcraft" suddenly my mouse stop working correcly because I accidentally tilt/push something? it's absurd.
  4. Thank you for the advice on this Bryce. First, by trigger buttons I meant all the buttons on the mouse except for the main left and right and scroll in the center of the mouse. I've found out yesterday that if I quit BTT, the buttons work again.. very very odd. At least I have a work around!
  5. I'm on Mac, using BetterTouchTool. all trigger buttons stop working on me ALL the time. It's very frustrating as you can imagine. At this point I'm not sure if it's the mouse or the (HORRIBLE app) BTT. I'm inclined the think it's the mouse via myself clicking something in error. Turning the mouse to an angle I can see the display config / gaming gestured etc etc. Tilting the mouse and putting on "map all" does nothing. Once I can get the buttons working again I want to LOCK them. I can not connive how frustrated I am with this.. please help
  6. I will try this, ty Bryce.
  7. I'm using BTT on Mac, also says wrong format: /
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