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  1. These days I discovered the potential of Z. Mainly for macro research. Compared to the NAGA2014 thumb control twelve keys, Z uses more fingers, and different parts of the fingers. In this way, I can almost complete the operation like a piano, which can be changed and very complicated. This is something I can't do at the NAGA2014 with my thumb alone. The feeling of flying fingers is awesome. 9/5000 The feeling of flying fingers is awesome
  2. Z is amazing! In my opinion, Z is not just a mouse. It‘’s the basis of the future mouse. More expansion physical modules and software functions will add to the Z. But, the number of articles about Z is not enough. Many people only know it is expensive. Constructive discussions are limited to users.
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    Amazing Desktop Shortcut left finger button+right=mouse mid left+press right trigger=copy deep left=paste left tilt 1.6°=Chrome left tab right tilt 1.7°=Chrome right tab pull right trigger=zero Gyro pull left trigger=re-open closed tab press right trigger+front side button=Home press right trigger+back side button=End front tilt =open led logo(winter) back tilt=close led logo(summer) ...more