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  1. @Bryce 2019, I am very curious about whether Z has made new progress. Can you disclose a little bit of news?
  2. Version Beat - included FW: 191


    Driver Version: Beat - included FW: 191 Many useful functions By looking at the settings, you can infer the function~~ Idea:Turn each key into, ↑, ↓, ← & → gestures keys and combine with other keys. For Chrome: Press "front edge button and ↑/↓ move mice" can drag web like a piece of paper. Press "up thumb button and ↑/↓ move mice" can Infinite Scroll web. Switch chrome tab by tilting left/right. (left click can auto zero gyro) Pull "left trigger button" can reopen closed tab. Press "bottom thumb button and ←/→ move mice can close multi
  3. The Z has not been updated for a long time. I want to know if Z has new developments or new exciting features?
  4. I guess there will be a huge change in the next driver update.
  5. @Damir Pressing a button automatically let the cursor to complete the operation, not just the button, but also the move. ex. In art: Drawwing a animal with drawing software by one click. And can edit (x, y) to modify curve in Z‘s driver. In office: Automatically edit documents(need cursor). In game: Automatically let the cursor move down the Y axis to offset the recoil in PUGB. One click to disperse all the soldiers in StarCraft. #You can not only record mouse movements, but you can also modify the moving data in driver.
  6. set swiftpoint z and 360 controller pages like the pic. Buttons work fine. Cannot use force feedback in game. Dose anyone know the reason?
  7. Version


    You need "360ce_x64.exe". Put it in your game direction like the pic below. Right click--Run as Administrator --Create--... Then, Choice Controller which contains Swiftpoint Z. --Use "ACE COMBAT 7.spcf" to record Buttons.--Save To use more than one controller in game, you may need to combine them. Try to: 1. Run x360ce.exe 2. Select the [Controller #] tab page corresponding to your additional controller. 3. Open the [Advanced] tab page. 4. Set "Combine Into" drop down list value to: One. 5. Select [Options] tab page. 6. Check "Enable Co
  8. Hi, BOLBIES I set it up like the image, it seems that there is no vibration feedback. Support vibration?
  9. The new mouse takes a while to adapt. Small key cap does not need to be installed at the front Small keycap can move backwards. Can better control the mouse by adding anti-slip stickers (3M 310).
  10. Z's gyroscope sensitivity does not seem to be sufficient compared to VIVE's laser tracking.
  11. To improve the little finger experience I use 1 piece of 3M 610 1 piece of 3M 310 1 piece of 3M 610 or 2 pieces of 3M or 610 Can rest little finger. Can lift the mouse easier. 2 layers 610 superimposed to increase thickness for better feeling.
  12. Version Beat - included FW: 191


    Updated 2019/08/10
  13. I want to replace parachute rope for the Z. Is the interface of Z the same as the general mouse line arrangement?
  14. add G502 test result. picture 3 picture 4
  15. Swiftpoint Z Win10, 400dpi, 1:1, No acceleration. Mousetester draw circles on Razer Vespula. The strange thing is Swiftpoint Z can return to the origin after the mouse drawing circles. G502 curve is smoother, but G502 cannot return to the origin after the mouse drawing circles. *(The mouse will shift to the right like picture 4) Is this normal? Why is the Z‘s ’frame rate so lost? But more precise? Is this related to smoothing correction? picture 1 picture 2
  16. Many legendary mice have made special sensor optimizations for FPS. Many professional players are using GPW, rival 600... I want to know if Z has also made a lot of efforts in this sensor optimizations ? Compared with similar products, how does the Z manifest itself? Why aren’t many FPS professional players using Z?
  17. Thank you Tuudi. Got a lot of inspiration. I think I found a solution. I posted two pieces 3M 610 on the right side. The little finger can be stuck in the rest area and under the 610. Although it requires more force than the 2 finger style. This way I can use little finger and thumb lift the mouse.
  18. I am used to controlling the mouse with three fingers like the pic. The right side of the mouse is only clamped by the little finger. This control method allows me to control the trigger buttons and wheel faster. The problem is "the center of gravity of the mouse is backwards", which makes it impossible for me to lift the mouse. Does anyone have a good solution?
  19. Is this a metal mouse pad? I only dare to use a cloth mouse pad. I am very curious about where to buy Z's mouse stickers.
  20. Vibration function simulation the rate of breathing is a great idea. About the vibration function, does anyone have a creative way of using it?
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