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  1. @Bryce Awesome response as always, will try this tomorrow when I have some free time to actually PLAY something! I've been so busy in the month I got my Z I've only used it twice. Is there any update on the Xinput progress? I did get a new driver but didn't check release notes. Will do that now.
  2. I have my Battlefield profile under Gamin Gestures. I cannot get the tilt to override the GG setting in one instance. I want left/right tilt to do NOTHING for the profile. But it still vibrates and performs the gaming gestures command. I have set the tilt command to "do nothing" still vibrates. I set the L/R tilt to vibrate 0% for 0 sec....still vibrates at 25% as the Gaming Gestures profile suggests. IF I set the profile to specif output it will override but I cant seem to disable it without editing the master profile. The tilt throws me off in fast paced games so I'm trying to go without it. Any Help?
  3. @Bryce Man all this is extremely impressive. First off, this is genius: This is perfect, minor fuss and only one key to press... After reading the rest of your responses I think this is really the best bet for most games. Just assign a key to switch to said profile and automate it to switch back on release. The battlefield suggestion you mentioned seems like it would work but I'm assuming it would be easier to just switch profiles again. Hop in vehicle, swap to gaming analog and swap back when I exit. I think I want to rely more on tilt for extra keybinds and just have that work, no reason I just cant switch profiles when needed as well. I though BF4 did support directinput but BF1 does not, bit's been awhile so I may be wrong. Any idea when you guys are going to support xinput? If you have any more suggestions let me know. I play mostly AAA titles and the appeal of the mouse for me was the buttons. I've tried maybe ten? mice over the past 5 years with more than 2 thumb buttons and I just couldn't reach some of them or couldn't memorize where they were (g600 g602 naga steelseries etc) I just always hit the wrong input. This is just easy, I belive people are going to copy some your design sooner or later cause it just makes sense. Thanks for all the advice so far, I guarantee I will have more questions soon, thanks for putting up with me.
  4. @Bryce Reading that back made my eyes hurt. Sorry for the rambling. I just wasn't sure how active these boards are so I wanted to cram alot in. Let me ask a few more. If I am inadvertently tilting and issuing that command what would be the best way to correct this. A higher tilt angle, more noise? It's 1.9A and 1.2N and I still trigger the tilt at times when I don't want to. How does the noise affect the angle and vice versa? I'll say this is my awkward grip and years of leaning too much on the right side. So for games like battlefield and GTA that incorporate vehicles and on foot action I'm still not clear on how this would work. Are you suggesting I bind new outputs in the driver software every time I enter/exit a vehicle? What exactly do you need to bind LR tilt to for analog control? Joystck LR? What is the analog -8 to 8 for? And how would the function of tilt change when I enter a vehicle if tilt is already configured to a keyboard key? I still have no clue what you are trying to say. I see why this concept is hard to grasp for everyone as there is no clear explanation. Can you explain how I would accomplish what you guys have posted in your product videos. Say in GTA5, I want tilt to perform a different keypress on foot. When I enter a vehicle I want tilt to now control the car, plane heli etc.. I dont see how this is accomplished unless it means rebinding a ton of keybinds in the game menu? Or just switch to the "gaming analog" profile when I enter a vehicle? Thats easy enough if that is the correct answer. How? I believe this is what I need to learn to answer the question above. I tried to get this to work on a few games last night and could not. I can still only map keybinds to the tilt function. Is there a way to disable config mode? I pick up my mouse a good amount and I'm always leaning it and it enter config mode. I dont ever need to change settings while in game, I can just use the software. Even though I find these features pretty confusing I gotta say I really like the layout. The trigger buttons are awesome, the big front 2 left buttons are perfect and I like the fingertip buttons even though I can only reach one of them. It feels really good using these after I mapped the right keys in a few games last night. Please excuse my confusion as I'm just having trouble understanding the extra features and I consider myself rather intelligent lol/
  5. Just received this mouse yesterday, so many questions.. I get the basics of the software, mapping inputs to certain buttons etc.. How does the pivot work? I saw no area to configure this. I built 2 profiles under gaming gestures, is pivot only configurable under gaming analog? Speaking to that I'm still a little confused under which parent profile to build my game profiles. In most of the videos I've seen they are not using any parent profile at all, just the game profile. How can pivot be configured for "free look" in shooters which I saw in the manufactures video? Tilt seemed off, I had it working once then it stopped. I did configure the tilt settings for the desk I was using it on. I'll have to check this again, might be another issue with the parent profiles. EDIT- Seems like the weight of my hand on the right side doesn't work too well with the tilt function. I seem to tilt the mouse every other time I press the thumb buttons. Its currently at 1.9 angle and 1.2 noise. Any suggestions for this? I may have to live without tilt. I'm still not sure how to incorporate analog features with tilt. Does the tilt LR override the Analog LR -8 to 8? this is somewhat confusing. Also how does the "aerial" control work? When in the videos somebody would pick the mouse up and fly with it? Is there a recommendation on what parent profiles to use? Like in a Battlefield game I'd like to be able to drive vehicles with mouse, use tilt for lean or another action. I dont really plan on using the flight stick attachment at all. Then say I have RPG (divinityOS2) where I dont really need the joystick element. I'm trying to find the best way to use this during games but I dont really understand the difference between gestures and analog. I know they are just starting points but theyre there for a reason yes? Anyways I'd appriciate any input on this, guess I'll have to just keep experimenting. I dont think the software is TOO complicated but you guys could use an hour long video going step by step through the process of setting up different game types. I think that would helpful. Cheers
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