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    Hi community! I'm sharing a hybrid 3DS Max + Motionbuilder profile I'm working on while working. I use Motionbuilder with 3DS Max hotkeys option. This config has a gestural approach. Main bindings: Thumb down (while pressed): move right: play/pause scroll wheel: scrub timeline right button (while pressed­čś× move left/right: scrub timeline left button: insert keyframe middle click: auto-keyframe mode Rear edge (while pressed): personal shortcuts to movement left and right Front Edge (while pressed): views (go to view for max, alternate view for mobu) move left: L move up: T move right: F move down: B right button: P Left fingertip (while pressed): move left/up/right = move/rotate/scale gizmo (W/E/R) Wheel: Deep click 18% - orbits (Alt+middle click) Count on future updates and a more pictoric description. Enjoy! Blender 2.8 profile on the way.
  2. Reached the same conclusion in the first session I have a parent 3D profile and children Motionbuilder, Max, Maya... since they share some shortcuts.
  3. FMC

    Blender Profile - lets make one

    Hi community! Necromancer here xD 2.7x or 2.8? I plan to have a 2.8 Alpha profile ready by the end of the week, at that. For 2.7 I used to have O, P, M and L at the mouse with a previous one. Happy to prepare one as well :) Will be interesting to see how one can abuse Pie menus with Z's mouse movement detection. I keep getting so many interesting ideas with this mouse xD I also have already a Motionbuilder profile in a quite advanced state, sharing soon ;)