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Found 4 results

  1. The Steam Controller has this great option on it's trigger for "hip fire" -- where you can quickly click past the first trigger level to the next, with the first on a delay. Allowing you to have two distinct functions on the same trigger without needing to press the first to reach the second. Is there a way to do this on the Z? Delay the initial press a moment, and if you reach the deep click before that, not fire the starter click at all?
  2. In Grand Theft Auto 5, with a controller, you can slightly pull the right trigger to about 20% and hold it there to activate a unique aiming mode that does not zoom in, regardless of what weapon your character is holding.. even sniper rifles. This unique aiming mode is not available to be binded to anything for those using a mouse and keyboard within the game. I want to map this function to my right mouse button, but nothing that I do seems to work. Furthermore, I'm not even sure if it's possible at this point because there is a "joystick" option in the Z's configuration software but not a "controller" or "gamepad" option for mapping inputs. I want to map a 20% right trigger pull on a controller to the right mouse button on my swiftpoint z. The trigger inputs for controllers are on the Z Axis. If this is possible, how can I go about setting this up? ^ Regular Right mouse button press or left trigger pull on a gamepad ^Aiming activated by pulling the right trigger on a controller to about 20 percent and holding it there. - Target reticle appears without zoom-in effect.
  3. When I deep right click as shown below, the right click menu pops up when I release the right click between I want to deep right click without having the menu that a simple right click release opens. I also want to keep the normal behavior of right click, except when deep click has been pressed. Currently I have tried "stop further outputs", to no avail. Same thing goes for deep clicking middle mouse button currently by default does not prevent the sending of middle mouse click. Would be nice to have a straightforward way of toggling this as well.
  4. Hi there, i was looking for an answer on the forum but it seems, that no one asked this before. My problem is that i want to use the mouse as a controller in a car racing game. I have already set the tilt angles to turn left or right. But I cant find something similar to work like in the demo video for accelerating and slowing down the car with the deep clicks. I was trying to bind the forward and backward control from the joystick output but it seems that you cant bind forward and backwards seperatly.(Left deep click should accelerate the car and Right deep click should slow down the car) The best solution would be that the deep click would work like the trigger buttons on a "normal" controller. To be clear I don't want to just bind W and S to accelerate and slow down I want that when I click for example the left deep click 5% that the car also just accelerate for 5%. thank you in advance for your answers
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