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Found 7 results

  1. This one is just a minor release to add driver-side support for a polling rate option, since firmware support for this was added in the previous release. Work on the following update is already well underway and will include the oft requested auto-profile switching feature. Here's the summary of what's new in the PC Driver Release October 15, 2018 User configurable Polling rate The Z's polling rate can now be capped at 1000, 500, 250, or 125 Hz with the "Maximum Polling Rate" setting which has been added to the profile settings screen. UI Changes/ Bug Fixes Minor UI tweaks to the Profile settings pane.
  2. Here's the summary of what's new in the PC Driver Release August 10, 2018 Keyboard Input recorder Instead of manually selecting every keyboard output using several drop-down list you can now record outputs directly from your keyboard using the new record button on the output list screen. While recording press and release outputs will be added to the output list as you type for all standard keyboard keys and media controls like volume, play/pause etc. Tap outputs will be created automatically if a press output is immediately followed by its own release. So if you want just a press or just a release either start the recording with a key already held down (to only record the release), or stop the recording before you release a key ) to only record the press). You will also be given the option of adding the release output to the release input when you are just mapping a single key with the recorder. Option to disable or enable "Tilt Auto-Zeroing" "Tilt Auto-Zeroing" is a firmware feature of the Z which works to prevent the gyroscope's tilt readings from drifting over time. In general it does its job well; but in some use cases it can cause more problems than it solves. So if you find that you are frequently needing to re-calibrate your tilt angles for your tilt functions to work correctly, try disabling this feature from the profile settings screen. Just note that since disabling "Tilt Auto-Zeroing" will mean that your Z is not trying to auto-correct for the natural drift in the gyroscope, your tilt values will drift over time. But this drift will be slow, so doing a manual re-zero (with the default right trigger pull function on the global profile, or your own custom mapping) should mean you don't have any problems with tilt for even an extended gaming/work session. Auto-Release Inputs Toggle By default there is a fail-safe enabled in the Zs firmware which prevents keys from being left held down if the Z is not currently processing any user input. So a press command will automatically release if the Z is not tilted, no buttons are physically held down, and no macros are running. This means that if you accidentally forget to add a release for one of your press outputs, the key wont be stuck down permanently, which is generally a good thing. However it is a problem if you actually want a key to be left held down after you release a button. For example, the mapping below which starts holding down 'W' when you first press the Left Fingertip button, then releases it when you press it again will not work correctly with the Auto-Release fail-safe enabled. So if you want to make use of these kinds of functions in any of your profiles. Just disable the new "Auto-Release Inputs" setting from the profile settings screen. If you do just make sure that all of your press outputs have releases, or they will remain stuck down until you change profiles, or unplug the mouse. New Ouptuts Added Caps Lock and Application/Menu key under the "Modifiers and Actions" category. These will also work with the new keyboard recorder. UI Changes/ Bug Fixes Added Spanish translation. "Stop Further Outputs" flags are now correctly maintained on the global profile when it is exported and imported. The "Output ID#" setting on "Repeat From" functions now updates correctly when outputs are re-arranged, and also displays the correct number of options on the profile settings screen. The correct side of the slider is now highlighted when modifying analog toggle inputs. Removed '{0}' text from the DPI output label. Resolved issue where '+ADD' button would sometimes be displayed on analog inputs which are set to an analog output (e.g. deep click analog range). Which allowed the creation of invalid mappings. Firmware Changes Updates to scroll-wheel ‘de-bounce logic’ which will resolve the issue of ‘reverse scrolling’ that a few users are experiencing.
  3. Here's the summary of the changes in the PC Driver released May 23rd, 2018 Improvements and bug fixes Added Chinese translation.
  4. Here's the summary of the fixes in the PC Driver released December 8th, 2017 Improvements and bug fixes Further changes to ensure the introduction video can be viewed, particularly on Windows 7. Resolved an issue with the “Profile Settings” page, which was causing customs outputs to be displayed incorrectly, and preventing the creation of new custom outputs which trigger on profile change.
  5. Here's the summary of what's new in the PC Driver Release September 22th, 2017 New Features New functionality that allows The Z to calibrate its tilt angles to your desk; improving the tilt functions stability. Added Japanese translation. Improvements and bug fixes Introduction video now displays correctly on initial launch. Fixed an issue caused by special characters in OLED display custom messages. Resolved problem with keyboard commands not working on Windows 7 if the Z was plugged in after the Swiftpoint Driver had already been launched. Resolved bug with mouse movement outputs which caused them to only trigger the first time they were used. Resolved an error which occurred when changing profile on a Z which is not connected to the driver. Deleting a profile without a Z connected no longer causes an error. Fixes to prevent the creation of invalid DPI level, and loop configurations. Resolved issue preventing the reordering of output actions on the profile settings page. Firmware Updates Lowered the force required to reach 100% deep click on middle mouse button. To reduce the risk of damaging the scroll mechanism. Resolved an issue on older motherboards where The Z would not connect correctly on boot, and needed to be unplugged then reconnected. Resolved a bug which caused the main mouse buttons, OLED and vibrations to stop functioning until The Z was unplugged and reconnected. Improved reproduction of fixed colors by the LED backlight. Further changes to resolve firmware update issues.
  6. Here's the summary of what's new in the PC Driver Release August 2nd, 2017 New Features You can now import and export individual profiles. Sharing mappings with other Z owners just got a whole lot easier! Added the option to bind left and right modifier keys separately. “Left Ctrl”, “Right Ctrl” etc. Profile settings (DPI, RGB, OLED etc.) are now optional which means you can have global default settings that carry through to all Profiles, while still having the option to override settings in individual profiles if you choose. The “+ADD output action” button is now positioned just below the last output in the list, it’s a small change, but really makes it a lot easier to add actions! You can now ‘right click’ on profile names to perform options such as renaming, deleting and creating sub-profiles. Numerous other general User Interface improvements. Improvements and bug fixes Resolved crash from deleting DPI level below the currently active level. Resolved problem entering decimal values due to regional settings where comma is used for decimal point. Unplugging the Z and plugging back in while the driver is running no longer causes the “Connect to Mouse” toggle to go out of sync. Resolved problem with UI not updating correctly after deleting a tilt mapping. Resolved problem where deep click functions set to 10% would only trigger once, then stop working. Many other performance stability improvements. Firmware Updates Updated firmware ‘de-bounce logic’, this will resolve the issue of ‘double clicks’ that a few users are experiencing. Update to resolve the issue of unexpected clicks when slamming / tapping the mouse on to a table. Changes to timing, and retry logic to help with firmware update issues.
  7. Here's the summary of what's new in the PC Driver Release 9th June 2017 Application Enhancements Changes to starter mappings (visit the Tech FAQ, to see what these do) Extended available function key bindings to F1- F24. Tilt inputs automatically map to the most likely axis when joystick output is selected Improved error reporting and logging. Pivot actions can now be mapped to an analog Joystick (check starter mappings on how) Starter mappings file re-created if accidentally deleted. Moved output action tips to ‘?’ icon. Analog range for deep clicks can now be bound to joystick and slider output. General UI improvements Fixed Issues Added a fix for the ‘something went wrong’ message some people are seeing when upgrading the Firmware (Note this will fix many occurrences of this error, but not all – we’ve added some more logging to this release to help identify the issue that is occurring for some users) Adding additional “Logo Backlight” action on profile swap no longer corrupts config. Volume up/down media controls no longer cause an invalid profile. Scroll outputs now function correctly when bound to inputs other than the scroll-wheel. Improved driver response to a lack of internet connection when launching or updating the driver/firmware. Upon profile deletion in the driver settings are saved to mouse to avoid inconsistencies. Such as mouse using a profile which does not exist in the driver.