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  1. Hi All I'm a big GTA V fan and is one of the games I was principally using my Z Mouse for. Below is a transcript of a conversation I had some weeks back with Bryce who was a great help but unfortunately my problem still isn't resolved. If anyone else enjoys GTA V with their Z Mouse or can help me with resolving this problem then please read on. My issue is, I want to be able to use the Z normally to control my character but when I get into a plane I want to be able to lift the Z from the desk and fly in analogue tilt (without using the analogue base). Hello I am really enjoying setting up my Z mouse and learning new ways to control things in game, The Z mouse is awesome. I just have a question please to clear something up. In the settings page for any given profile there is a drop down called Game Controller Type: This on confuses me. I’m trying to set up a profile for GTA V which uses a good mix of regular key binds but also I would love to be able to control planes directly with the mouse, as seen in the Z mouse promo videos. I would like to be a able to take off in a plane then just lift the mouse from the pad and go straight into analogue to control the pitch/yaw of the plane. I have assigned 8 degree analogue to both axis for that game but it does nothing. I don’t know if I can do this without using the attachable analogue control base (I hope I don’t need it). Does this all have something to do with the Game Controller Type drop down? Do I only need to drop that down for just joystick operation only? Bit confused here. Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks. Hi The "Controller Type" is intended to give you the option of disabling the Zs controller interface entirely. This functionality is not complete though, so for now it simply disables any joystick outputs for that profile. So in your case you would want to leave this set to "Joystick". The problem you are running into here is that GTA only supports XInput controllers, rather than DirectInput which the Z currently uses for its joystick outputs. We are planning to add native XInput support to the Z in a future update, but for now you can still use joystick functions in XInput only games like GTA V by using a tool to map the Zs "DirectInput" outputs to "XInput" inputs; such as TocaEdit Xbox 360 Controller Emulator. For example to allow steering in GTA V using the tilt function in the "Gaming Analog" profile you would need to do the following. 1. Download the 64bit version of TocaEdit. Ensuring you have all the programs installed mentioned in TocaEdits system requirements 2. Put "x360ce_x64.exe" into your GTA V directory then run it. 3. Create the "xinput1_3.dll" when prompted to do so. 4. Cancel the search for settings, as non currently exist for the Z. 5. Dismiss the error message about a misconfigured device. 6. Hit the save button to the bottom right, then close and reopen TocaEdit. 7. Set "Stick Axis X" to "Axis 1" as shown below then save again. 8. You should notice that tilting your Z will move the green + on 360 controller image. 9. Close TocaEdit before launching GTA V. You will never need to run it again unless you want to change its configuration. For flying you would just need to also add "Axis 2" or "IAxis2" to "Stick Axis Y", depending on if you would like the control to be inverted Also if you only plan to use this for flying with the mouse off the mouse pad, I would recommend adding a dead-zone to your Z's analog output as shown below. This will prevent any slight tilt movements you make while your Z is on the mouse mat from affecting steering or character movement. (You can access these options by clicking "Analog Left/Right -8° to 8°") Just adjust the "Min" value to set where the analog output will begin. The 2° I used in the image above is just for an example, so you may want to adjust this. I hope this helps, let me know if there is anything else I could explain further, or you have any further queries. Kind regards, Bryce Hello Bryce Many thanks for taking the time to provide me with an excellent tutorial. I would gave nevery known about TocaEdit. I see thw axis numbers moving in the TocaEdit GUI but unfortunately it still doesn't work but I probably need to mess with some GTA settings. This is what I call support! Thanks again Hi I'm glad I could help The outputs from TocaEdit should be recognized automatically in GTA, since it supports Xbox controllers by default. So if it isn't working you may just need to be sure you have "x360ce_x64.exe" in the right folder. As it will need to be in the same directory as 'GTA5.exe' for the settings to be detected by GTA. Please let me know if you run into any further problems. Kind regards, Bryce I'm extremely grateful to Bryce for his help but still no joy. Perhaps a later update may bring me some success? I have included my config if anyone wants to have a look or try it. AOD_GTAV.spcf
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