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Found 1 result

  1. Hi, I just got to go through the whole forum and I think it´s a shame how much negative feedback exists. The Z is an amazing piece of hardware and software I think, so I wonder why there is this amount of negative feedback. I personally have had a hell lot of other computer hardware from way bigger and/or more reputable brands, but with less quality standards(escpecially Roccat and Razer) and a hell lot worse software(Roccat again, Razer, Asus, Corsair for some instance, Mad Catz). I think the Z´s software has everything you really need(of course there are features which would be cool, but they are not nescessary). In my oppinion it´s way more important to have no major bugs, than to have every feature. And about the update problem: my Tyon got no software update for 2 whole years, despite major bugs.
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