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Found 4 results

  1. Version 1.0.0


    Hi community! I'm sharing a hybrid 3DS Max + Motionbuilder profile I'm working on while working. I use Motionbuilder with 3DS Max hotkeys option. This config has a gestural approach. Main bindings: Thumb down (while pressed): move right: play/pause scroll wheel: scrub timeline right button (while pressed? move left/right: scrub timeline left button: insert keyframe middle click: auto-keyframe mode Rear edge (while pressed): personal shortcuts to movement left and right Front Edge (while pressed): views (go to view for max, alternate view for mobu) move left: L move up: T move right: F move down: B right button: P Left fingertip (while pressed): move left/up/right = move/rotate/scale gizmo (W/E/R) Wheel: Deep click 18% - orbits (Alt+middle click) Count on future updates and a more pictoric description. Enjoy! Blender 2.8 profile on the way.
  2. I am having lag issues when repositioning windows on my desktop with my Z, apparently caused by its high USB polling frequency. Obviously, the 1000 Hz poll rate is great for gaming, but I would like the option of lowering it for my productivity profiles. Is there currently any way to adjust the Z's polling rate that I've been overlooking? If not, would it be possible to add this to the driver GUI at some point in the future? Thanks!
  3. Version 1.0.0


    About This File Desktop profile I tweaked to my liking. Here are the mappings: Default DPI Set to 2000 Left Mouse Button (LMB) Deep click 25% moves 1 tab to the left in most web browsers. Right Mouse Button (RMB) Deep click 25% moves 1 tab to the right in most web browsers. Left Fingertip Button Press activates CTRL+V+Enter (Paste+Execute) which is great for pasting URLs and naming folders. Right Fingertip Button Press activates CTRL+X (Cut). Left Trigger Push activates CTRL+V (Paste). Right Trigger Push activates CTRL+C (Copy). Pull activates CTRL+A (Select All) which is great for selecting all files in a folder or text in a document. Front Edge Button Press goes back once in history on File Explorer. Press goes back once in history on most web browsers. Rear Edge Button Press goes forward once in history on File Explorer. Press goes forward once in history on most web browsers. Top Thumb Button Press activates Escape key. Bottom Thumb Button Press activates CTRL+PRINT SCREEN which is great when combined with ShareX / Greenshot / etc. screen capture tools (Top Thumb Button also works to cancel capture actions). Other Notes: I'm still playing around with the setup and open to feedback on how to improve the productivity of this profile further
  4. I was wondering if anyone has made an efficient or effective profile for use in SketchUp or other CAD programs? Otherwise I'll just use the random mapping I have of the shortcuts. Wondering if someone has made something?
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