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Found 9 results

  1. here's a pretty nice profile i made for pubg i made it using the default keybinds found in the game, so substitute your own if you have customized the layout i also included a few screenshots with annotations to help clarify what parts are performing given functions for anybody who may have trouble understanding the profile visually hopefully i wasn't too vague and some of you find this helpful. it would really be nice if the developers would update the configurator with some more ways to make use of the analog values from the gyroscope and other sensors. i can do a lot with this, and it's very powerful but i have had a few problems setting this device up for use with advanced flight controls and racing sims because of the limitations on things like the yaw rotation or z-axis. anyway, enjoy if you find this to your liking. p.s. i have more complex scripts designed for things like the grenade auto-throw when the cook timer is up & optional underhand toss via pressure sensetivity, but some are harder to train yourself with and end up really confusing you if you're not fully aware of them but i kept this pretty simple to avoid freaking people out. let me know if you have any suggestions or criticism; i like coming up with creative ways to use this device and i'd love to learn some that i haven't thought of.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    I've been running this PUBG profile for months now and I'm very comfortable with it. I guess the main goal was to minimise panic keyboard presses but I ended up having more fun in-game with everything bound to the mouse. Once you get used to it and make it your own, the enjoyment level increases 10 fold The only things I've got bound to the keyboard that I use are: Crouch - C | Prone - X | Interact - F | Reload - R | Unarm - Q | Toggle Fire Rate - E. A few quick mentions about the other bindings that you'll either have to change in-game or tweak the .SPCF: Peek Left - num4 | Peek Right - num6 | Meds - 0, 7, 8, 9 (see below) | Grenades - num7, num8, num9, num5 (see below) | Hold breathe - H I like having unarm (cancel reload/grenade) and toggle fire rate close to WASD, so I had to rebind peek elsewhere. The Quick Grenades and Quick Stuns function on the mouse are a tonne of fun to roll in-game. You can easily set up the stun grenade to cook on deep-click as well (vibrate once /sec to three seconds max) if you like.. much like the grenade rumble ticks, however with the short fuse on stuns already it often leads to blinding yourself 😂 So I'd rather not allow myself the opportunity It took some tweaking to get the Auto-ADS working on the top and bottom thumb buttons as the wait commands needed to be set perfectly with the cast animations of your character. Sort of inspired by PUBG mobile where there's an option to auto-ADS when peeking, when I set it up I thought it'd be rubbish on PC but once I started using it, I couldn't bring myself to scratch it off the profile PUBGs settings allow for loads of customisation with multiple toggle and hold functions on different actions.. What they don't allow is for inventory to be set as a hold, so the way I've got this setup in this profile is awesome. Pressing right trigger on the mouse taps "i" and releasing right trigger taps "i" - essentially turning an in-game toggle function into a hold function via the driver. The DPI is also set to 3000+ on right trigger push (Hold) so you can loot with the best (and die like the rest). Adjust this to your liking! I also hate their loot management system. Even after the latest patch where they introduced a slider for dropping ammo and med stacks, with a bit of experimenting I got it to where I can auto-drop stacks of 30 (ammo) and individual items such as meds, grenades etc. I found this really helpful in squads or duos when you need to make quick, on-the-fly drops for teammates or even solos.. trying to manage your bag space I did have peek set to tilt left and right but its just to sensitive for my liking. Anyway, enjoy! Chop and change what you like but give it a good go and let me know what you think. It does take some time getting used to, like all rebinds, but once the muscle memory kicks in it's a blast
  3. Version 1.0.1


    This is a relatively simple profile we used for some early testing with PUBG. Left Finger Tip = Crouch and 50% Deep click = Prone Left trigger push = Reload Left Trigger Pull = Switch to and throw grenade Right trigger Push = Free Look Right Trigger Pull = Reset Tilt Angles Rear Edge Button = Map Front Edge Button = Inventory Tilt Left 1.7° = Lean Left Tilt Right 1.7° = Lean Right
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Hi everyone Here is my first PUBG gaming profile, it's a serviceable starting point. Kind regards John
  5. ysph


    Version 1.0.0


    i'm just reposting this, as i first posted it to the forums like a stupid dummy might've done. there's a slightly more elaborate explanation there, but it's probably not needed.
  6. Hi everyone, I search a profile to import in my Z mouse for PUBG . I play with a AZERTY keyboard Anyone have it ? Thanks for the help.
  7. Version 1.0.0


    Requires aim / ADS to be unbound, aim to be set to right click, ADS to Numpad /, and hold breath to Numpad +, and ADS to be set to hold.
  8. Version 1.0.0


    PUBG profile I tweaked to my liking. Here are the mappings Default DPI is 400. Front Edge - (R) Reload. Rear Edge - (Z) Go prone Right Mouse Button (RMB) Deep click 25% activates hold breath when ADS. In PUBG settings menu I use (O) for hold breath, so you would have to adjust that key bind as well. When RMB is held down the thumb buttons can be used to peek and the scroll wheel can be used to change zero distance on scope When RMB is held down, DPI changes to 200. Goes back to 400 DPI when released Top Thumb (F) - Interact [When RMB pressed] - (E) Peek right. Press and hold down; not toggle Bottom Thumb (I) - Inventory. Also switches DPI to 1000 for faster looting. When button is pressed again to exit looting screen the DPI goes back to 400 DPI. [When RMB pressed] - (Q) Peek left. Press and hold down; not toggle Right fingertip button - (3) switch to pistol Left fingertip button - (G) switch to grenade. Press again to cycle grenade types. Deep click selects melee weapon Left trigger push - (B) adjust firing mode (i.e. single, auto, burst) Left trigger pull - (1) switch to weapon slot 1 Right trigger push - (V) switch to first person mode Right trigger pull - (2) switch to weapon slot 2 Middle button press - (ALT) free look Other notes: Early on, I tried to use the tilt controls for peeking but it wasn't doing me any favors. Trying to tilt, aim, and hit someone is just too much in a high pressure situation especially if you have jittery hands. I find using the thumb buttons for peeking to be a lot more reliable. I think it's best to put the crouch movement on your keyboard/keypad rather than on the mouse since you may need to crouch while shooting. That's hard to do if you have C mapped to any buttons on your mouse.
  9. Version 1.0.0


    This is a basic profile mapped to the stock key bindings in game, it has auto hold breath when aiming down sight, also has the peak left and right on the tilt.
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